What is happiness

Everyone’s goal in life has and always will be the pursuit of happiness. The reason individuals do anything or pursue any self interest, is to enable themselves to gain a sense of happiness. what is happiness is a question a lot ask, but never find the answer to. Today happiness is observed in various ways. […]

Persona 4 Review – Not Your Conventional RPG

A role-playing game, more commonly referred to as an RPG, is a genre focused around fictional characters that are able to fight, take up quests and interact with the world. Typically when people think about RPGs, they think of large whimsical worlds, fantastical foes and deceitful dangers.  However, despite the saturation of this scenario in the […]

A Night to Remember (A Novel Excerpt)

Meira Ferguson is a fiery young woman who has recently moved back to Scotland, the place of her birth.When she had been in Edinburgh for not even a week, she was kidnapped and brought to a strange place that defies the rules of nature. She discovers that it had been fae that had taken her, […]

Are we all coins?

Look around your house, check your pockets, even check in the couch and find yourself a coin. Now find a different coin, lay both coins flat and try to find what is similar between the two coins. It’s not the material or the symbols or the years. Look. Flip. Look. Flip. Every time you look […]

To Be: To Know and To Lust

The piece below is written from the perspective of a woman left behind for another.  It shows that strongest of those can be completely broken and it reflects on the ideas of obsession, sanity, longing, and abandonment.  The inspiration of this piece was drawn from the song ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse, a song […]

The False Perception of a Goodbye

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi We often have a tendency to think goodbyes are concrete, that they are written in stone, and that they are, goodbye forever. By definition, “goodbye” simply […]

The Power of Ambition

      I believe in the power of ambition.      I believe in the power of finding a purpose and becoming consumed with passion. I believe that everyone has a dream and it is with ambition that these dreams can become reality.  I believe in the small spark of ambition that can rapidly grow into a […]

This I Believe : Grandeur of Dreams

I believe perfection doesn’t exist. I believe perfect is impossible But I believe that despite all that, perfection must be pursued. Perfection isn’t universal in the sense that there is no concrete definition. Every individual has their own understanding of perfection as it is formed from our own hopes, our own dreams, and our own […]

A Juxtaposition of Self

In the world we live in today, people surround themselves with positivity to validate who they are as people (and I am no exception.) One such example is body positivity, the celebration of self. Fundamentally, it’s a form of self-acceptance. Often times, however, it’s mislabeled as self-love. This, to me, is a distinction that is […]