Lost Love

Unrequited love continues to be a universal pain as it rips away certainty and optimism from someone who was once innocent and optimistic. This is greatly shown in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as an individual who was once willing to fully devote herself to someone she loved is left vulnerable once she is rejected. This ultimately results […]

Madness is Beautiful

The concept of madness is deemed an idea for the wretched. Madness has a certain stigma to it where the words are almost always uttered with a negative connotation. Well what about the beauty behind the madness? What about the fact that madness is actually a trait you can be gifted with. Madness in obsession […]

The Fault of Madness – Polished Critical

…the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty The Fault of Madness     An individual’s honour can be defined by their virtue and their ability to perform moral actions. All individuals justify the certainty of their own actions as they want to perceive themselves as honourable. Therefore, when this honour is lost, […]

Common Madness

          Expect the unexpected. Sometimes in life, certain events can take place that can rotate someone’s entire life. These events are circumstances that can be to such extremes that they can cause people to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, sometimes even leading themselves to their own madness.  This idea is also shown in […]