Polished Critical

Amarinder Sidhu Mrs. Hunnisett ELA 30-1 March 3, 2017 From Sanity to Insanity Sometimes, in contemporary society, individuals are exposed to things that they do not often experience on a day-to-day life. Some cases may just be a small speed bump, where they can just shrug it off and continue with their life. But in […]

Polished Personal: No Redemption

Amarinder Sidhu ELA 30-1 Amarinder Sidhu Prompt: What do these texts suggest about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honor and certainty? Theme Statement: To what extent do individuals need to prove to themselves that they have understood what they have done, and they can forgive themselves for their mistake? Text: 120Km/Hr, 1975 […]

First they Lovin’, but Now They Playin’

Rejected love plays a big part in Hamlet. From the beginning to until Ophelia dies, Hamlet rejects Ophelia due to the external factors he is facing, and Ophelia rejects Hamlet due to her father commanding Ophelia to not interact with Hamlet. Although this poem may look very unrealistic, upon further analysis, some thoughts could come […]

The Hardest things to Face

An average teenager may have many things that they don’t like to deal with because it creates some emotions. Some of which may be; not getting accepted into a post-secondary institution, getting their phone taken away, breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or even something small like not allowed going out on a Friday night. Although […]

Unanswered Questions

The Holocaust. Something we’ve been learning in school ever since middle school. The Holocaust. The biggest Genocide in the world killing 80 % of all Jews in Nazi controlled Europe. The Holocaust. Hearing about innocent people getting their hard lives thrown away like throwing a rock into water, and watching it disappear. Hearing about babies […]

Live Life Differently

Live Life Differently             I believe that one day; every individual in this beautiful world will be able to live life to the fullest. J Cole once said, “We live in the system, everybody would do anything for the money.” A person’s precious time isn’t worth 10, 15 or even 20 dollars an hour. 47% […]