What Can I Dream About? – Polished Personal

At the end of the day, as I slipped into the cool covers of my blanket; my mother would come in and tell me about the wishing well.  It was not a story of actions and heroes nor one from a children’s storybook but instead of a well, a spring bubbling clear and soundless into […]

Revenge is Justice. Justice is Revenge.

Justice sometimes becomes fused with revenge when difficult circumstances have entered an innocent individual’s life as they lose sight of who they are. In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, revenge is mistaken by justice as all of the main characters go on a spree to kill and seek justice as they eliminate the ones who get in […]

The New Writer of these Words

Not long ago, the writer of these lines, In the mad pride of intellectuality, Maintained “the power of words”- denied that ever A thought arose within the human brain Beyond the utterance of the human tongue: And now, as if in mockery of that boast, Two words- two foreign soft dissyllables- Italian tones, made only […]

Polished Personal: Can’t be Late

What do these texts suggest about the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform? In many people’s lives, being able to balance your way of life compared to those around you is almost impossible. This is mainly due to the extreme external forces that we all face such as social media, family, […]

A Different Kind of Empathy- Polished Personal

The following is a personal response to the poem “Empathy” by Stephen Dunn. It’s a different kind of empathy. I’m not selfless, kind, or patient. I don’t push aside my problems to listen to others. It’s a different kind of empathy. I’m selfish. I seek out other people’s stories, pain, and emotions to fill the […]

Self-sacrifice vs. Self-preservation- Polished Critical

An individual’s capacity for self-sacrifice in the face of compelling circumstances. As an individual is forced to undergo various adversities in his life, his ability to sacrifice themselves for others begins to diminish. The idea of self-sacrifice within compelling circumstances begins to seem impossible as humans revert to their natural instinct to keep themselves alive as opposed […]

Limitless World

What does life truly mean to you? What is your purpose? How will you choose to live?   Did you know, you can quit your job, you can leave university? You aren’t legally required to have a degree, it’s a social pressure and expectation, not the law, and no one is holding a gun to […]

To what extent is our road to justice justified

Madness is a theme we see a lot in the Play Hamlet by Shakespeare. Hamlets race to justice for his fathers murder had led to him falling into a sunken state, which allowed him to exploit his actions without any consequences or regrets. How far can our actions be justified, when in search for justice. […]

Breath of the Wild and Childhood Wonderment

When I was a child, my boundless imagination carried me on many adventures. When I was with my friends, we would gather plastic swords and gadgets and embark on grand and fantastical adventures throughout the neighbourhood and battle the evils our minds concocted.  I was also always a curious individual who enjoyed exploring new places […]