Personal Polished Response

Can Honor and Certainty Ever Return?         When an individual commits a crime by no proper intentions it can give them grief and hardships for the rest of their lives. His honor is lost and he becomes very uncertain about his existence. In “from Redemption” by John Gardner, the main character Jack […]

Critical/Analytical Polished Response

Driven to Madness The ways in which individuals struggle to restore honor and certainty?            When a devoted individual cannot receive guidance from those around her, she is able to relinquish her need to put on an absurdity in order to match her emotions, rather than her reputation.This is caused because of […]

Privacy and Trust

In order for an individual to feel safe they must be obligated to privacy, which means, they should not have to be monitored or observed by other people unless their is proof of someone else’s harm. Privacy makes a person feel comfortable to be in their own skin without having to be pestered. In the […]

To – – – by Edgar Allan Poe

My group chose Edgar Allan Poe as our poet for the poetry seminar project and we decided to discuss To —. This poem was all about enlightenment. It is about an individual who went from thinking of himself very highly to realizing  their are things out there at a higher position them him. The individual […]

I, Embeth Davidtz

Embeth Davidtz changed her name to a German name, Helen Hirsch. Helen Hirsch, a name in which she sought protection and life. Left in the hands of a cruel man with the name of Amon Goeth. She was caught in a love that she could not reciprocate.   “My first day here, he beat me […]

Never shall I forget…

Never shall I forget the moment I saw my uncle, my dad, and my grandpa in tears. It was at my great aunt’s funeral. I have seen my mom cry on a daily basis watching Indian drama shows on the television, but never have I seen my father cry. My grandma always talks about her […]

This I Believe: Words Hurt

        Words can make an individual happy or sad. Encouraging and positive words lift a person’s mood. Discouraging and negative words depress a person’s mood. It seems that it is human nature to remember the hurtful words more than the positive words. Words of happiness are great because they give people joy, […]