The Power of Ambition

      I believe in the power of ambition.

     I believe in the power of finding a purpose and becoming consumed with passion. I believe that everyone has a dream and it is with ambition that these dreams can become reality.  I believe in the small spark of ambition that can rapidly grow into a racing fire that can take over one’s mind and be found in one’s every breath.   

     It is a simple concept. Once one is able to find their passion, they become motivated with ambition to pursue their goals. It is with the fire of ambition that one is truly able to attain their dreams and is able to fulfil themselves.

 “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”- Salvador Dali

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     I believe that everyone can go to school and attain knowledge. But what is the use of knowledge without ambition? What is one supposed to do without the motivation to use their education with purpose? It is with purpose and ambition that regular people are able to change the world. With ambition people become fired to pursue success and to push the societal limits posed upon individuals. It was only with ambition that it was discovered that the Earth is round or that the Sun is the centre of the solar system. Ambition allows for creativity to come alive and for curiosity to become sparked. Ambition is powerful for it can change the world as we know it.

     With ambition comes passion and with passion comes destruction of all barriers. I believe that ambition is an unstoppable force that goes against the idea of limits. It is a force rooted in dreams. I have a dream. So does almost everyone around me. And I believe that with ambition, these dreams can come to life.

“Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen.”- Emilie M. Cioran

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      Ambition is powerful. It can drive one to pushing dangerous limits and it can also push one to insanity. It can cause one to become lost in greed and selfishness as one becomes single minded with their goals and loses track of other values. It can throw one into a black hole of yearning for more. It is a fire that can burn one up when it is not controlled. It can destroy you… but it can also cause lead one to a road of self-discovery.

      With ambition come efforts for success, and with success comes failure. And it is through these failures that one is able to discover who one really is and what they value. That one is able to come to terms with their morals and ideology, and this is extremely important. Ambition is a blessing to be used carefully as it can also become one’s ultimate flaw.

     I believe in the power of ambition.

     This I believe.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Ambition

  1. Dear Bhawan,
    This piece of writing really stood out to me and I loved the way you approached the topic of ambition and the power it has to do both good and bad in an individuals life. You spoke beautifully about all the wonderful things that ambition has done in both your life and many others around the world. I thought it was interesting how usually when you think of ambition, it is something positive and changes people for the better, and I really appreciate how you chose to include the negative aspects as well. It is definitely something to think about and reflect on in my own life. I also loved the way you spoke about ambition in your own life, and about how anyone can be smart and go to school, but it takes much more than that to make a true difference in the world.

    There was only a few things that I would work on in this piece, one of which being your grammar in some spots. There was one sentence that I noticed you started with the word “but” and the use of the word “ambition” got somewhat repetitive as I was reading through the excerpt. These are just a few ways you could make your already great piece better, and overall I think you did a great job writing and portraying your thoughts in words.


    1. Dear Sunena,

      Thank your for your kind words and for taking the time to read my piece. Your perspective allows me to learn of my own strengths which I appreciate.

      I will be using your suggestions in my future pieces and I find it really helpful that you were able to identify these as they allow me to grow as a writer.

      Thanks again,

  2. Bhawanjot,
    The piece that you wrote is presented very magnificently. The contrast between knowledge and ambition is presented with the quotes in a manner that goes hand in hand. Your thought provoking questions ” But what is the use of knowledge without ambition? What is one supposed to do without the motivation to use their education with purpose?” made me start to question some of my own notions I already have. Your idea of exploring the positives and negatives of ambition really resonated with me.
    For your next piece, I would love to see you take a less formal approach and speak more sincere without such structure. You portrayal of your ideas were done very well and it was executed at a good level, I want to see your ideas connect to your own life, knowing you my whole life I know you have lots to say.

    Sincerely, Kahrun

    1. Dear Kahrun,

      First off, I thank you for taking the time to read my piece and for offering suggestions. I am glad to hear that my thoughts have made an impact on your own perspective and hopefully you will continue to enjoy my pieces.

      I appreciate your suggestion and I do believe that incorporating more sincerity into my future pieces will make my writing more effective and genuine.

      Thank you once again,

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