Rationality in Inaction

The following was written in response to a time of inaction in my own life. Much like Hamlet, I toiled over which course of action would be right – only, I was able to come to a decision in time. The following is an attempt to rationalize that period of ambivalence.   Inaction is not […]

Two Sons: The Virtuous, and The Other One

The inspiration for the following came from one word in particular that was discussed in class: “Introspection.” I consider myself a growth-oriented individual, and this is an ode to one of the contributing factors of that mindset. It references both the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues to develop a dichotomy between who I […]

A Juxtaposition of Self

In the world we live in today, people surround themselves with positivity to validate who they are as people (and I am no exception.) One such example is body positivity, the celebration of self. Fundamentally, it’s a form of self-acceptance. Often times, however, it’s mislabeled as self-love. This, to me, is a distinction that is […]

The Fire Within

I believe in dedication. I believe in determination. Above all else, I believe in ambition – the desire to run a second faster, to jump an inch higher, to reach my goals with determination and passion, fuelling my inner motivation to achieve above and beyond. Such ambitions can only be achieved with combined efforts of […]