Intolerance of Ignorance

    No matter the circumstance, individuals will always create ideals. They will always attempt to imagine how to improve their world and how things could be better. Ideals are the result of one’s desires as it takes all an individual has ever wanted and paints a magnificent picture that often doesn’t have any tie […]

Polished Personal

  Prompt- What do these texts suggest about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty? THEME STATEMENT- When a traditionally shy and confidence lacking individual goes about a course of action out of their comfort zone, and proceeds to take drastic; he or she will have an instinctual desire to run […]

Overbearing Family Pressures

Family pressures – influences that are often overlooked, but arguably bear a significant, if not the most, amount of meaning in one’s life. It has been said time and time again that parents always want the best for their children; and though their actions may sometimes displease them, they are rooted in wisdom and careful […]