Aokana and the Multiple Facets of Competition

Humans are competitive, whether wanting to be the best at something they have practiced their heart out of or trying to best themselves in a skill, people always want to be the best. With this in mind, it is no surprise that sports are as popular as they are, whether engaging in the activity hoping […]

Healing Melody – Polished Personal

        It had been 2 months since Mom died in September, that idea still struck me as nonsensical.  Maybe that’s why I couldn’t cry, it didn’t seem all that real.  Only back during the summer she was talking to me, scolding me when I came home late, being over-protective like every mother seems to be. […]

Breath of the Wild and Childhood Wonderment

When I was a child, my boundless imagination carried me on many adventures. When I was with my friends, we would gather plastic swords and gadgets and embark on grand and fantastical adventures throughout the neighbourhood and battle the evils our minds concocted.  I was also always a curious individual who enjoyed exploring new places […]

Persona 4 Review – Not Your Conventional RPG

A role-playing game, more commonly referred to as an RPG, is a genre focused around fictional characters that are able to fight, take up quests and interact with the world. Typically when people think about RPGs, they think of large whimsical worlds, fantastical foes and deceitful dangers.  However, despite the saturation of this scenario in the […]