Graduation and beginning of a new adventure

Schools almost over one more month before graduation. The nerves begin to rise, students become anxious about what their plans are after high school. Do I go to university or, stay home and pursue a dream against what my parents had planned for me. All the friends you had in high school this may be the […]

A Grey World

Good and evil, darkness and light, peace and war, fear and courage, love and hate. It can be said that all things in the world exists with parallels and contradictions. Counterparts to everything can be found and nothing stands on its own unrivaled stage. There exists a notion that everything in the world can be […]

What is happiness

Everyone’s goal in life has and always will be the pursuit of happiness. The reason individuals do anything or pursue any self interest, is to enable themselves to gain a sense of happiness. what is happiness is a question a lot ask, but never find the answer to. Today happiness is observed in various ways. […]