What is happiness

Everyone’s goal in life has and always will be the pursuit of happiness. The reason individuals do anything or pursue any self interest, is to enable themselves to gain a sense of happiness. what is happiness is a question a lot ask, but never find the answer to.

Today happiness is observed in various ways. The common definition of happiness is that it is a state of outstanding well-being and it is an intense emotion. Depending on your situation in life happiness could have different meaning. If you are an individual living a stressful life, with no money and having to struggle to get by in a day, happiness to you could mean having riches. An individual who has all the riches and fame in the world, to him his pursuit of happiness might be to find love. For those who have everything they want, riches, fame, and love their pursuit of happiness could be finding a way to share that with those who aren’t fortunate enough.

My pursuit of happiness is to graduate university with my chemical engeneering degree, get a job that I want and enjoy a job that I’ll be happy waking in the morning to go to, finding my one true love and having beautiful kids and spending the rest of my life with them, and not having any regrets throughout my life. To some this may sound unrealistic but I believe I can achieve it for this is my pursuit of happiness.

It is certain that happiness is the inner joy that one feels inside. Maybe it’s having a shoulder to cry on, or maybe giving birth bringing life into this world.

In society now everyone is lacking happiness, due to all the problems happening all over the world. The world wide recession that has made people lose their jobs, torn families apart, led to mental break down and sometimes suicide is a major factor. For example in the United states the mass deportations that has been taking place had made a lot of refugees lose hope, they flee a war torn country to come to America to seek a better life but are sent right back. This is an action that could really tear an individual apart. Although all this is happening some individuals are still able to find happiness because to them happiness is being with the one you love or maybe even staying alive.

Everyone believes they know the true definition to happiness, but they are wrong. Different individuals have different meaning towards happiness, what’s yours.

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One thought on “What is happiness

  1. Dear Mayowa,

    Firstly, thank you for sharing your perspective and for sharing your own personal goals. What I liked most about your piece was that your were able to create and maintain a unique ‘voice’. Your writing style relates to who you actually are which I find valuable as it gives your work more meaning. I also found it very effective that you broadened your ideas near the end which allowed for your perspective to be posed back on society which I also found very effective.

    Something I would suggest for you to work on is your flow and unity of thoughts. Some of your ideas didn’t flow as nicely as others and so there was some choppiness in your writing. I believe that if you are able to create that unity as well as correct some of your grammar, your writing will be able to reach a whole new level.

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your piece on happiness. I hope you are able to use my suggestions in future pieces and I look forward to learning more about your perspective through your writing over the course of the semester.


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