Common Madness

          Expect the unexpected. Sometimes in life, certain events can take place that can rotate someone’s entire life. These events are circumstances that can be to such extremes that they can cause people to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, sometimes even leading themselves to their own madness.  This idea is also shown in […]

The End

You never know when you’re going to talk to someone for the last time. You never know if that voicemail is the last ‘living’ memory of someone. You never know if someone’s next breath will be their last. You never can know. I felt invincible. Most teenagers do. We live in this world of fun […]


This is a reaction to the short story Glass Roses, written by Alden Nowlan. After initially reading this story I didn’t really relate to the main character or many of the themes of the story.  This is because I have never shared any similar experiences or felt any of the same emotions. Or that’s what […]

Real Introductions

Introductions are odd. Somehow, in a few simple words and fragments, I am supposed to summarize my entire identity and who I am. How am I supposed to manage to fit seventeen years of experience into merely seventeen words?   Who am I? I could start off by saying: Hello, my name is… I am […]

The Power of Ambition

      I believe in the power of ambition.      I believe in the power of finding a purpose and becoming consumed with passion. I believe that everyone has a dream and it is with ambition that these dreams can become reality.  I believe in the small spark of ambition that can rapidly grow into a […]