Lost Love

Unrequited love continues to be a universal pain as it rips away certainty and optimism from someone who was once innocent and optimistic. This is greatly shown in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as an individual who was once willing to fully devote herself to someone she loved is left vulnerable once she is rejected. This ultimately results […]

The Book of Madness and Love – CPU

                   An individual in love is a selfish individual.  Though love can be categorized into different feelings: from lust, the need to gain the same favour from another; to desire, a want that can be from a distance; to passion, the selfish and deceptive need to maintain […]

Father Frankenstein

This monologue is inspired by the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. This monologue is from the monster’s perspective. He speaks to his creator, Victor Frankenstein, as though his creator had still been alive and not forgiven the creature’s malicious act towards Elizabeth. Both are in Robert Walton’s ship as the creature has now been able […]