Thee Only

The following is an emulation of the poem “To _ _ _” by Edgar Allan Poe.   Not long ago, the writer of these lines, In the mad pride of intellectuality, Struggled to find the words to express how weak she really was. Denied that ever an emotion could overcome logic. Feelings that arose within […]

Lost Love

Unrequited love continues to be a universal pain as it rips away certainty and optimism from someone who was once innocent and optimistic. This is greatly shown in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as an individual who was once willing to fully devote herself to someone she loved is left vulnerable once she is rejected. This ultimately results […]

A Different Kind of Empathy- Polished Personal

The following is a personal response to the poem “Empathy” by Stephen Dunn. It’s a different kind of empathy. I’m not selfless, kind, or patient. I don’t push aside my problems to listen to others. It’s a different kind of empathy. I’m selfish. I seek out other people’s stories, pain, and emotions to fill the […]

Self-sacrifice vs. Self-preservation- Polished Critical

An individual’s capacity for self-sacrifice in the face of compelling circumstances. As an individual is forced to undergo various adversities in his life, his ability to sacrifice themselves for others begins to diminish. The idea of self-sacrifice within compelling circumstances begins to seem impossible as humans revert to their natural instinct to keep themselves alive as opposed […]


You’re bored. So bored. You have about a million things to do but you don’t because you’re just so bored. You physically cannot bring yourself to do the piles of work that sit beside you. Tests you should be studying for. Books you should be reading. You can’t. You’re too bored to do any of […]

A Field. My Field

A field. Where crops grow to sustain a society. Where the beauty of nature is seen through progress. A field. Where children laugh and play. The perfect setting for innocence. A field. Where the rays of the sun hit all corners of the plane. Where happiness and peace run hand in hand through beautiful flowers. A […]

My Heaven

Inspired by an emulation of Ellie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I forget…” Never shall I forget the day my heaven was created. I remember going camping with my family during the summer of 2014. I remember being at the campground while my parents set up the tent and my siblings and my cousin occupied themselves. I […]

Memory’s Melody

I believe in the siren call of music, the entrancing rhythm of emotions. A drum beat falling in sync with my heart, beating in a steady rhythm, counteracting my racing heart.  I believe in the power of a simple melody. On some days, music calms my emotions, allowing my limbs to fall – relaxed; on […]