Polished Critical- Losing Honour

Honour and certainty are two values that many humans seek, obtain, and lose just to begin seeking for them again. To be honourable is to be virtuous or morally sound. Having honour is to act with dignity and the loss of one’s honour is often a cause for a personal struggle, as well. Certainty is […]

Polished Personal- Her Salvation

Her Salvation     The damage to Blair Whitethorn took a long time to heal. Her performing troupe moved from one village to the next, making coin, trying to forget the missing member of their group, and the scorch marks the flames had left on some of their wagons. Blair couldn’t handle the guilt, the […]

Celtic Polytheism

I had wanted to do a blog post on Celtic Polytheism for a while as it recently became my new religion and it is something I am very passionate about and committed to. Celtic polytheism, much like other polytheistic religions, isn’t widely talked about so I am making a post with general information on it […]


She wondered.   As a child she wondered why there were so few of her people left in their country. Her mother, eyes full of sorrow, had told her of the War, the violence, the slaughter. She told of how their country’s greatest ally had turned on their small, peaceful nation. She told of how […]

A Night to Remember (A Novel Excerpt)

Meira Ferguson is a fiery young woman who has recently moved back to Scotland, the place of her birth.When she had been in Edinburgh for not even a week, she was kidnapped and brought to a strange place that defies the rules of nature. She discovers that it had been fae that had taken her, […]