This I Believe : Grandeur of Dreams

I believe perfection doesn’t exist.

I believe perfect is impossible

But I believe that despite all that, perfection must be pursued.

Perfection isn’t universal in the sense that there is no concrete definition. Every individual has their own understanding of perfection as it is formed from our own hopes, our own dreams, and our own desires. We all hold different ideals and that changes what we call perfect. Some may see the world as one where everybody should be equal and that everybody has a collective responsibility towards each other.Others may see perfection in a society that serves the individuals and only exists to feed their own self interests.

Perfection is universal in the sense that everybody understands its scale. That everybody understands its immensity and recognizes its grandeur. No matter who you are, we will look at perfection in the same light – as something greater than ourselves.

I believe that we must all walk the path to perfection, a path that has no end. To walk the endless path, means we are able to travel a limitless journey. A journey so boundless, that it can extend as far as the universe itself. The path towards perfection is so open ended and interpreted that we can imagine it however we want. It gives us the freedom to do whatever we can with no restraint. When one travels the path of perfection while perfectly understanding its futility, they are able to do so without burden. There is no rush through the path because there is nothing to rush towards. Whether you run or walk, there always will be more experiences ahead. It allows us the opportunity to enjoy our journey through the world. 

I put faith in my ideals because it gives me purpose. I know that that faith will be betrayed one day, I really do think so. But I do it because if there is even a slightest chance that I am mistaken and that perfection really is just around the corner, I want to be able to invest in that chance. Perfection is just so perfect that to miss out on that chance would be too great a shame. Perhaps a small part of me wants to continue to believe in coincidence and continues to hope that there is perfect in the world.

In my own quest to attain my ideals,I have felt the stress and anxiety. I have experienced my share of doubts, fearful that I may be straying from what I once believed. However, I was able to overcome this by submitting myself to the impossibility of true ideals. By recognizing that what I was working towards was truly an impossible dream, I felt the weight on my back lighten. People’s expectations no longer haunted me when I realized that on the path to perfection, I could choose my own pace and had control over my actions. Perfection was what I defined it as and other people could not control that.

I believe in perfection because I don’t understand it. I chase perfection because it appeals to me. I choose perfection because it is perfect. I embrace perfection because it is absolute.
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7 thoughts on “This I Believe : Grandeur of Dreams

  1. Dear Vincent,

    Your personal example really added depth to the topic at hand. I really loved reading how you began to slowly see every challenge as an endless goal, and you started to feel less anxious about having to complete it. Everything was clearly organized, and well written.

    My only recommendation is you should add maybe add some more about any specific personal examples such as what were you trying to attain which made you very anxious. This would have added further strengthened your personal statement paragraph.

    Really great blog all in all. Keep up the good work.

    – Akash

    1. Dear Akash,

      I’m really glad to know that you enjoyed reading over my post. I will keep your advice in mind as I work on future posts and be sure to include specific examples if I am able to.


  2. Dear Vincent,

    This piece perfectly encapsulates you as a person!! If I were to read this on a public forum with no indication of its author, I would still recognize it was one of your amazing works because, over the last 8 years that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you, no phrase is more descriptive of you than: than pursuit of perfection. Reading this post, it was easy for me to imagine you just explaining this to me in one of our normal, everyday conversations because it is one of your core values and no doubt your motivation to succeed. Through your piece you did a great job of inspiring me to continue to aim for perfection even though it is more than likely that I will never attain it. Your most effective asset in this piece is your unwavering belief in excellence; you are able to include unique examples and perspectives into your writing which makes it relatable to all readers. Your piece reminded me of a quote from my childhood by W. Clement Stone: “Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars.” Although it is a bit premature its underlying qualities resemble your piece and I think it’s amazing that you are able to evoke such feelings and memories in your readers.

    To improve I would add a personal example of when your faith in perfection was founded, when you realized that perfection was unattainable or when, if ever, and under what conditions, you believe your faith in perfection will be broken. Also I believe that minor changes to the overall scheme of the piece in oder to create a stronger flow throughout will be beneficial.

    Overall your piece was great in terms of accurately representing you and your beliefs in perfection. After knowing you for so long I’ve grown to understand your values and have begun to believe that the word perfection is usually synonymous with Vincent. Whether it is academically in school or athletically in badminton I’ve constantly seen you strive to push past your limits and exemplify the actions you are describing in this piece. I look forward to reading all of your future blogs this year and joining you in your pursuit of perfection.

    Your Good Friend,

    1. Dear Madhav,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. It is definitely true that excellence is one of my core values and I’m glad you were able to recognize that. Looking back, I can definitely identify some parts were the wording is a bit awkward and sounded a lot better in my head at the time. In the future, I will do my best to find better words to describe my thoughts that will hopefully help reinforce your ability to interpret the post.

      Thanks again!

  3. Your writing is a gift from the gods. I read your words and immediately lobotomized my self, because i know i wont ever be able to re-achieve the nirvana you induced in me. It is with a bitter sweet feeling in my heart that I thank you for your contribution to the literary world, knowing that every other light is a little less darker now that you have lit this beacon in my soul.

  4. Dear Vincent,

    Unravelled, presented, and re-wrapped beautifully. As with all things you do, this was a gift.

    The unifying effect you establish here is quite grounded. What at first seems like either a faux pas or a poorly turned phrase becomes a moment of impressive depth and insight when you look at it as a whole. It veers close to the edge of mediocrity only to deftly step back in a manner that leaves it stronger than before, and the overall unity of the piece is stronger for it.
    After claiming perfection is impossible, you take a risk by pledging your pursuit of it. With that said, the payout is evident, as what the reader is left with is an irrefutable account of how reaching for the stars, and falling, can leave one in the clouds.

    I would suggest employing more colourful word choice next time. Using the same words the same way paints the same picture. Instead of describing perfection as “just so perfect” it would be greatly beneficial to find words to describe perfection in ways you haven’t already. By switching up your descriptors you establish depth in your understanding of whatever it is you’re speaking on. Which can only help with a topic as abstract as yours.

    All things considered, I’m glad to read this- as I hope it inspires you to pursue perfection in your writing as well.

    Sincerest regards,

    1. Dear Murtaza,

      Thank you for your own insight and kind words. I am very grateful that you put so much effort into helping me become a better writer. Reading over my blog now, I definitely understand the criticism you are talking about and I will do my best in future pieces to use a wider range of vocabulary to help create more depth in my ideas.


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