Honour and Certainty

It is through one’s place in a world that one can be subjected to their perceptions on societal endearment.  Endearment can be of honour and certainty that has the potential to limit some while push others to strive and conquer; and therefore, can be placed upon certain minorities. Honour is a mask that compels one […]

What Can I Dream About? – Polished Personal

At the end of the day, as I slipped into the cool covers of my blanket; my mother would come in and tell me about the wishing well.  It was not a story of actions and heroes nor one from a children’s storybook but instead of a well, a spring bubbling clear and soundless into […]

The Book of Madness and Love – CPU

                   An individual in love is a selfish individual.  Though love can be categorized into different feelings: from lust, the need to gain the same favour from another; to desire, a want that can be from a distance; to passion, the selfish and deceptive need to maintain […]

Ophelia’s Colour

I’m not sure if I am missing a ‘creative piece’, so here it is! I found myself bare and pierced. As the last heart string broke, the knife that hung over my naked heart fell to it’s rightful place. I had found myself with only with the shallow breaths my body had allowed me to take. Eyes […]


The following personal response is to the movie Mustang, a Turkish film that followed five unfortunate girls through the misadventures put on by those closest. There are those of us for whom life is cruel and unjust.  Being born from the legs of a woman I would never call mother, a path of hard work and submissiveness […]


The beauty in them. Innocence’s veins were clogged with venom. Lungs, nails, skin, and hearts- All stained and bled the colour of soot and charcoal. Each breath was cursed. Each limb was despised. Skin was an unholy sight. Hearts were ill-fated. Their beauty couldn’t melt the metallic beings. The smile in them. Being nourished and filled with emptiness […]

To Be: To Know and To Lust

The piece below is written from the perspective of a woman left behind for another.  It shows that strongest of those can be completely broken and it reflects on the ideas of obsession, sanity, longing, and abandonment.  The inspiration of this piece was drawn from the song ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse, a song […]

to Believe is to Be alive.

I believe in rapid heartbeats.  The waves of red flushing across my skin. Warm. Deafening. Enticing. To feel love in such magnitude that emotions become words.  And words become tastes. Tastes explode into a thousand flavours.  And flavours…? Well- Flavours are indulged for the sighs and smiles that illuminate from the heart and mind. To believe in love […]