The End

You never know when you’re going to talk to someone for the last time. You never know if that voicemail is the last ‘living’ memory of someone. You never know if someone’s next breath will be their last. You never can know. I felt invincible. Most teenagers do. We live in this world of fun […]

My Heaven

Inspired by an emulation of Ellie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I forget…” Never shall I forget the day my heaven was created. I remember going camping with my family during the summer of 2014. I remember being at the campground while my parents set up the tent and my siblings and my cousin occupied themselves. I […]

Memory’s Melody

I believe in the siren call of music, the entrancing rhythm of emotions. A drum beat falling in sync with my heart, beating in a steady rhythm, counteracting my racing heart.  I believe in the power of a simple melody. On some days, music calms my emotions, allowing my limbs to fall – relaxed; on […]