Polished Critical- Losing Honour

Honour and certainty are two values that many humans seek, obtain, and lose just to begin seeking for them again. To be honourable is to be virtuous or morally sound. Having honour is to act with dignity and the loss of one’s honour is often a cause for a personal struggle, as well. Certainty is […]

Seeking Redemption

      All individuals hold a prideful nature within them. Honour is what keeps individuals from acting out of line and keeps them cooperative with society. However, when one’s honour is lost they may find that their previously secure future is now threatened by uncertainty. This uncertainty creates a sense of danger in individuals […]

Polished Personal- Her Salvation

Her Salvation     The damage to Blair Whitethorn took a long time to heal. Her performing troupe moved from one village to the next, making coin, trying to forget the missing member of their group, and the scorch marks the flames had left on some of their wagons. Blair couldn’t handle the guilt, the […]

Critical Essay Polished

  Loss of a Woman’s Honour   An individual’s level of chastity throughout his or her lifetime is based on the decisions her or she makes, which can either be accepted or rejected by the individual themselves or the people around him or her. For women, not only in contemporary society, but also in history, […]

Personal Polished Response

Can Honor and Certainty Ever Return?         When an individual commits a crime by no proper intentions it can give them grief and hardships for the rest of their lives. His honor is lost and he becomes very uncertain about his existence. In “from Redemption” by John Gardner, the main character Jack […]