Intolerance of Ignorance

    No matter the circumstance, individuals will always create ideals. They will always attempt to imagine how to improve their world and how things could be better. Ideals are the result of one’s desires as it takes all an individual has ever wanted and paints a magnificent picture that often doesn’t have any tie […]

Polished Personal: Maintaining Ignorance

      Maintaining Ignorance Often times, life will throw individuals with obstacles that hit them by surprise, and the reaction and recovery from these low points of life become the deciding factors of how one will go on and manage their futures. Adversity is inevitable; it is the one thing in this world that […]

A Grey World

Good and evil, darkness and light, peace and war, fear and courage, love and hate. It can be said that all things in the world exists with parallels and contradictions. Counterparts to everything can be found and nothing stands on its own unrivaled stage. There exists a notion that everything in the world can be […]

As Seeing Are the Blind

As seeing are the blind, unseeing are the wise: who tremble against the tides of truth that come crashing against the shores: threatening loud demanding to sweep them away.   As seeing are the blind, unseeing are the wise: always glimpsing only glimpsing; at the waves of actuality. Before they look at each other turn […]