Promise to Love

The following is a response to mine and Suneet’s poem seminar. It also my personal response the poem itself.


We are empty and those that fill our void are important. You are important. Please continue to fill my void and I will meet you halfway. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that self-love is not important, it is the basis for the filling of void, and without it you are feeding a black hole.

Love yourself and then surround yourself with love. Be your ideal and deflect your flaws, better yourself and never stop bettering yourself. Ask for critique and only then will you improve, only then will you be submerged in positivity.

Aspire for the absence of hate; aspire to find a person who aligns him or herself to you and you to them. Now, I am entirely unsure if I have found that person, though I hope I have, and my person is my happiness. I do not know how to tell my person what they mean to me; I will never be able to. That is the downfall of this, the inability to express the happiness they make me feel. I want them to feel the same degree of love I do, I want nothing less for you.

I tell everyone this, but you deserve the world and nothing less. Let me be your world, and travel with me through mine.   ‘I love you’ is not enough to engulf what I truly mean, what I feel for you. I do not just love you; you harbor my happiness. I hope to tell you that one-day, without words, without delay. I am obsessed with you, every mark and every word. I am obsessed and I believe that is love, I have always loved you and always will. Love me equally and you will be my alignment. I will be your margin, guiding you.

I have slowly realized that love is a very important value that should be present in one’s life. Like Khalil’s poem “On Love” he suggests the fact of how love is one’s religion. Love is religion, because in love we learn to live by morals and live for those emotions that are guided by love.


Love elicits in one so many different emotions, and it truly test each person at one point in their lifetime. Despite the challenges and adversities one can experience due to love, it also is the reason we strive and do what we do in passion. In passion we find ourselves and in passion is the root of love.


Even though in my life I have seen many people express love in many different ways, both negatively and positively, I will always see love as a light in my life, and those I love I will always hold dear to my heart.

    Be grateful for all in life, for you choose what to love and what to dismiss.



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