A Grey World

Good and evil, darkness and light, peace and war, fear and courage, love and hate. It can be said that all things in the world exists with parallels and contradictions. Counterparts to everything can be found and nothing stands on its own unrivaled stage. There exists a notion that everything in the world can be […]

Never shall I forget…

Never shall I forget the moment I saw my uncle, my dad, and my grandpa in tears. It was at my great aunt’s funeral. I have seen my mom cry on a daily basis watching Indian drama shows on the television, but never have I seen my father cry. My grandma always talks about her […]

Bittersweet Trifecta

Part 1- Never Shall I Forget, an emulation of Elie Wiesel   Never shall I forget that night It was the last night at the hospital It turned my nights sleepless and my days tiring   Never shall I forget that smell, the pungent odor of sanitized floors and a hospital waiting room. Never shall […]


Feminism What exactly is feminism? As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, it is the theory of the political, economic, and the social equality of the sexes. Feminism was a term used for the first time in France during the 1870’s as féminisme, which means women’s freedom. There are six feminism categories, in which any […]

Two Sons: The Virtuous, and The Other One

The inspiration for the following came from one word in particular that was discussed in class: “Introspection.” I consider myself a growth-oriented individual, and this is an ode to one of the contributing factors of that mindset. It references both the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues to develop a dichotomy between who I […]

As Seeing Are the Blind

As seeing are the blind, unseeing are the wise: who tremble against the tides of truth that come crashing against the shores: threatening loud demanding to sweep them away.   As seeing are the blind, unseeing are the wise: always glimpsing only glimpsing; at the waves of actuality. Before they look at each other turn […]


tell me how you brush me aside like i am some insignificant phone call and no matter how many times the phone rings no matter how many times my heart calls for you you continue to embody a nonchalant nature that is remarkably admirable but nothing to indicate you miss me or that i was […]

The Mind and the Heart: A Contradiction of Ideologies

Our heart or our mind. Which should we listen to? One enables us to feel, connect and relate with others while the other forces us to judge and critique others’ actions against our own beliefs. Which should we trust? One is blind, fragile, bruised and vulnerable while the other is wise, cautious, proactive and protective. Which […]

My Heaven

Inspired by an emulation of Ellie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I forget…” Never shall I forget the day my heaven was created. I remember going camping with my family during the summer of 2014. I remember being at the campground while my parents set up the tent and my siblings and my cousin occupied themselves. I […]