Seeking Redemption

      All individuals hold a prideful nature within them. Honour is what keeps individuals from acting out of line and keeps them cooperative with society. However, when one’s honour is lost they may find that their previously secure future is now threatened by uncertainty. This uncertainty creates a sense of danger in individuals […]

Intolerance of Ignorance

    No matter the circumstance, individuals will always create ideals. They will always attempt to imagine how to improve their world and how things could be better. Ideals are the result of one’s desires as it takes all an individual has ever wanted and paints a magnificent picture that often doesn’t have any tie […]

The Fault of Madness – Polished Critical

…the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty The Fault of Madness     An individual’s honour can be defined by their virtue and their ability to perform moral actions. All individuals justify the certainty of their own actions as they want to perceive themselves as honourable. Therefore, when this honour is lost, […]

Actions and Words

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. A classic saying that has been heard for generations and a phrase we have all heard time and time again. While the term and become rather cliched and has had its meaning somewhat diminished, the idea is still common and relevant to many situations in each of our daily lives. […]

A Grey World

Good and evil, darkness and light, peace and war, fear and courage, love and hate. It can be said that all things in the world exists with parallels and contradictions. Counterparts to everything can be found and nothing stands on its own unrivaled stage. There exists a notion that everything in the world can be […]

This I Believe : Grandeur of Dreams

I believe perfection doesn’t exist. I believe perfect is impossible But I believe that despite all that, perfection must be pursued. Perfection isn’t universal in the sense that there is no concrete definition. Every individual has their own understanding of perfection as it is formed from our own hopes, our own dreams, and our own […]