Two Weeks Left

You hear those words, you see those smiles, you know their happiness but you don’t feel it. Tears roll down your face, disappointment fills your heart, no one to blame but yourself. Time is running out, stress is crushing you, everywhere you look doors are closing. Thirteen years wasted, hundreds of hours spent anxious, two […]

If only

A pain that has no cure Doctors prescribe medications Psychologists try to listen Parents ask what’s wrong Friends make you laugh And at the end, all I feel is this pain A pain that has no definition Words mean nothing Actions speak nothing Dictionaries explain nothing They know nothing And at the end, all I […]

Are we all coins?

Look around your house, check your pockets, even check in the couch and find yourself a coin. Now find a different coin, lay both coins flat and try to find what is similar between the two coins. It’s not the material or the symbols or the years. Look. Flip. Look. Flip. Every time you look […]