This is a reaction to the short story Glass Roses, written by Alden Nowlan. After initially reading this story I didn’t really relate to the main character or many of the themes of the story.  This is because I have never shared any similar experiences or felt any of the same emotions. Or that’s what […]

Real Introductions

Introductions are odd. Somehow, in a few simple words and fragments, I am supposed to summarize my entire identity and who I am. How am I supposed to manage to fit seventeen years of experience into merely seventeen words?   Who am I? I could start off by saying: Hello, my name is… I am […]

The Mind and the Heart: A Contradiction of Ideologies

Our heart or our mind. Which should we listen to? One enables us to feel, connect and relate with others while the other forces us to judge and critique others’ actions against our own beliefs. Which should we trust? One is blind, fragile, bruised and vulnerable while the other is wise, cautious, proactive and protective. Which […]