The beauty in them. Innocence’s veins were clogged with venom. Lungs, nails, skin, and hearts- All stained and bled the colour of soot and charcoal. Each breath was cursed. Each limb was despised. Skin was an unholy sight. Hearts were ill-fated. Their beauty couldn’t melt the metallic beings. The smile in them. Being nourished and filled with emptiness […]

From the Ground to the Sky

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground. The ones who carefully pack their guns, spike their land and wait for orders to shoot, they are the robots-the puppets to the evil men. With their humanity destroyed, The only thing they have left is blood. The blood of true innocence is crying from the […]

A Field. My Field

A field. Where crops grow to sustain a society. Where the beauty of nature is seen through progress. A field. Where children laugh and play. The perfect setting for innocence. A field. Where the rays of the sun hit all corners of the plane. Where happiness and peace run hand in hand through beautiful flowers. A […]


She wondered.   As a child she wondered why there were so few of her people left in their country. Her mother, eyes full of sorrow, had told her of the War, the violence, the slaughter. She told of how their country’s greatest ally had turned on their small, peaceful nation. She told of how […]

My Beautiful Adela

My Beautiful Adela, I pray you will never see the horrors that I have seen I pray that you will never know what I know. I pray that you will never experience what I have experienced. Adela, the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of coming home to you and the boys. How […]