Countdown to Victory- A Polished Personal

Connecting with the poem “The Leaving” Prompt: What are the forces that inhibit or encourage an individual’s actions Thesis: When an underrated individual is confronted with a force threatening his home, he will be motivated to succeed for the safety of his loved ones and the preservation for the of their futures.   ___________________________________   […]

No Pressure? No Diamonds!

No Pressure? No Diamonds.   Ones family defines the very identity of an individual. They are the first faces we see at birth and usually the last we see as we drift off into an endless slumber. Throughout life they attempt shape us, for or for worse, into some imaginative mold that we may or […]

I Thought That I Could Not Be Cured

This is my counter to Sylvia Plath’s poem “I Thought That I Could not be hurt” and I decided to write this piece because I didn’t like the pessimistic outlook she portrayed throughout her poem. I’m a strong believer that one can only live their life to the fullest in the presence of companions, and that always being […]

The Mind and the Heart: A Contradiction of Ideologies

Our heart or our mind. Which should we listen to? One enables us to feel, connect and relate with others while the other forces us to judge and critique others’ actions against our own beliefs. Which should we trust? One is blind, fragile, bruised and vulnerable while the other is wise, cautious, proactive and protective. Which […]

The Fire Within

I believe in dedication. I believe in determination. Above all else, I believe in ambition – the desire to run a second faster, to jump an inch higher, to reach my goals with determination and passion, fuelling my inner motivation to achieve above and beyond. Such ambitions can only be achieved with combined efforts of […]