Father Frankenstein

This monologue is inspired by the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. This monologue is from the monster’s perspective. He speaks to his creator, Victor Frankenstein, as though his creator had still been alive and not forgiven the creature’s malicious act towards Elizabeth. Both are in Robert Walton’s ship as the creature has now been able […]


You’re bored. So bored. You have about a million things to do but you don’t because you’re just so bored. You physically cannot bring yourself to do the piles of work that sit beside you. Tests you should be studying for. Books you should be reading. You can’t. You’re too bored to do any of […]

Silver Web of Happiness

The following personal response is a short story, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s “I Thought That I Could Not Be Hurt,” which explores the perplexing nature of abuse amongst loved ones. ____________________ Carelessly, I swatted the web away from the tree, then shook my hand to try to rid it of the silky, silvery string. It […]


The beauty in them. Innocence’s veins were clogged with venom. Lungs, nails, skin, and hearts- All stained and bled the colour of soot and charcoal. Each breath was cursed. Each limb was despised. Skin was an unholy sight. Hearts were ill-fated. Their beauty couldn’t melt the metallic beings. The smile in them. Being nourished and filled with emptiness […]

Never shall I forget…

Never shall I forget the moment I saw my uncle, my dad, and my grandpa in tears. It was at my great aunt’s funeral. I have seen my mom cry on a daily basis watching Indian drama shows on the television, but never have I seen my father cry. My grandma always talks about her […]