Two Weeks Left

You hear those words, you see those smiles, you know their happiness but you don’t feel it. Tears roll down your face, disappointment fills your heart, no one to blame but yourself. Time is running out, stress is crushing you, everywhere you look doors are closing. Thirteen years wasted, hundreds of hours spent anxious, two […]

Khaki Banda

The following is an excerpt from an Urdu song, it is accompanied by the English translation. I heard this initially on a drive to my uncles house a few months back and the words came to life as they hit my eardrums. Upon listening to it more and more, two notions came into my head. […]


You’re bored. So bored. You have about a million things to do but you don’t because you’re just so bored. You physically cannot bring yourself to do the piles of work that sit beside you. Tests you should be studying for. Books you should be reading. You can’t. You’re too bored to do any of […]

The Mind and the Heart: A Contradiction of Ideologies

Our heart or our mind. Which should we listen to? One enables us to feel, connect and relate with others while the other forces us to judge and critique others’ actions against our own beliefs. Which should we trust? One is blind, fragile, bruised and vulnerable while the other is wise, cautious, proactive and protective. Which […]

Persona 4 Review – Not Your Conventional RPG

A role-playing game, more commonly referred to as an RPG, is a genre focused around fictional characters that are able to fight, take up quests and interact with the world. Typically when people think about RPGs, they think of large whimsical worlds, fantastical foes and deceitful dangers.  However, despite the saturation of this scenario in the […]

To Be: To Know and To Lust

The piece below is written from the perspective of a woman left behind for another.  It shows that strongest of those can be completely broken and it reflects on the ideas of obsession, sanity, longing, and abandonment.  The inspiration of this piece was drawn from the song ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse, a song […]