Celtic Polytheism

I had wanted to do a blog post on Celtic Polytheism for a while as it recently became my new religion and it is something I am very passionate about and committed to. Celtic polytheism, much like other polytheistic religions, isn’t widely talked about so I am making a post with general information on it […]

The End

You never know when you’re going to talk to someone for the last time. You never know if that voicemail is the last ‘living’ memory of someone. You never know if someone’s next breath will be their last. You never can know. I felt invincible. Most teenagers do. We live in this world of fun […]

I Thought That I Could Not Be Cured

This is my counter to Sylvia Plath’s poem “I Thought That I Could not be hurt” and I decided to write this piece because I didn’t like the pessimistic outlook she portrayed throughout her poem. I’m a strong believer that one can only live their life to the fullest in the presence of companions, and that always being […]

The Hardest things to Face

An average teenager may have many things that they don’t like to deal with because it creates some emotions. Some of which may be; not getting accepted into a post-secondary institution, getting their phone taken away, breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or even something small like not allowed going out on a Friday night. Although […]


The following personal response is to the movie Mustang, a Turkish film that followed five unfortunate girls through the misadventures put on by those closest. There are those of us for whom life is cruel and unjust.  Being born from the legs of a woman I would never call mother, a path of hard work and submissiveness […]

Breath of the Wild and Childhood Wonderment

When I was a child, my boundless imagination carried me on many adventures. When I was with my friends, we would gather plastic swords and gadgets and embark on grand and fantastical adventures throughout the neighbourhood and battle the evils our minds concocted.  I was also always a curious individual who enjoyed exploring new places […]


You’re bored. So bored. You have about a million things to do but you don’t because you’re just so bored. You physically cannot bring yourself to do the piles of work that sit beside you. Tests you should be studying for. Books you should be reading. You can’t. You’re too bored to do any of […]

Silver Web of Happiness

The following personal response is a short story, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s “I Thought That I Could Not Be Hurt,” which explores the perplexing nature of abuse amongst loved ones. ____________________ Carelessly, I swatted the web away from the tree, then shook my hand to try to rid it of the silky, silvery string. It […]


The beauty in them. Innocence’s veins were clogged with venom. Lungs, nails, skin, and hearts- All stained and bled the colour of soot and charcoal. Each breath was cursed. Each limb was despised. Skin was an unholy sight. Hearts were ill-fated. Their beauty couldn’t melt the metallic beings. The smile in them. Being nourished and filled with emptiness […]