How my Life Will be Like 10 Years from Now.

Picturing my life in 10 years, when I’ll be 27, many things could be happening. I could be working, attending school, travelling the world, having a wife, or maybe even having a kid of my own. But only two pictures come into my mind 10 years from now.

The first thing I can realistically picture in my mind is that I’m going to be at that part in my life where I’ll be having a stable job. The stable job that I would wish to have would be in the Mechanical Engineering field. I’ll have one of my dream cars that I wanted to have ever since I was in high school, an Audi RS7 Sportback. The Audi RS7 Sportback will be my daily driver. On the side, I’ll be building a race car, which will preferably be a 1999 Toyota Chaser. The Toyota Chaser will be one car that I’ll have as an occasional driver, which means ill only drive it maybe once every few week .  Hopefully, I’ll have a beautiful wife, and maybe, just maybe I’ll have one kid. I’ll be obviously living together with my parents – if they want to, and we’ll be a big happy family. As of right now, this is all I can see in my head for this picture.

The second thing I can realistically picture is; I’m going to be traveling the world. And I’ll be hopefully be travelling the world with either my wife after my marriage, or my fiancé. A few places I really want to explore are all of India, The US, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Even though I was born in India, I’ve only gone back once and that was in 2007. I didn’t really go to any attractions; I just stayed in Punjab and met my family. If I was to go in 10 years, I would get off the airport, hire a driver, and go to the Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Goa, and end it off in Punjab to visit my family. If I was to go to US, I would rent out a nice SUV and go road-tripping. I would start in Seattle, then go to San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Washington DC, and end off in Chicago. Then take a plane back to Calgary. If I was to go to Europe I would like to explore the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. I would just buy a one-way ticket and return whenever I feel like I have seen whatever I wanted to see. And to end if off in United Arab Emirates, because UAE is a beautiful country. Also I want to see how cool Dubai looks and I want to see the tallest building in the world.

To conclude this blog, I am 90% sure this isn’t probably how my life will be in the next 10 years. Many things can happen that could change how I’m going to picture and live life in the future. So the best thing to do in my shoes is to just go with the flow, live life 1 kilometer at a time.

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3 thoughts on “How my Life Will be Like 10 Years from Now.

  1. Dear Amarinder,

    I really like the concept of this blog and I really enjoyed reading it! I don’t know you all that well so it was interesting seeing what you want for the future. I like the variety of sentences and the almost story-like quality to the narrative.

    Something I would suggest that you work on it just some editing issues. There were some small grammatical mistakes that interrupted the flow of your paragraphs and a couple places where wording seemed a bit off. I would also really like to see some images or other visuals in your next blog post to add that extra depth.

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Dear Amarinder,

    Reading this today was great as today I picked out my classes for next year. I really thought about where my life would be in 10 years. Some of your ideas seemed parallel to mine. I too wish to travel to those magnificent places you wish to see. An admirable part of your piece was the part where you mentioned staying with your family. I too wish to stay with my family and it was nice to see you also feel that. I read your piece and it made me think of my own life and I thank you for that.

    One thing to make sure for your next pieces would be to read over and brush up any grammatical or spelling errors. You had some minor misspellings and out of place words in a few sentences, nothing substantial but good practice to fix.

    I loved this idea and hope to see if these ideas hold to be true in 10 years 🙂


  3. Dear Amarinder,

    The idea of this, projecting ideals onto the future, is something I’ve gotten used to- being the age I am. For that, I quite enjoyed reading this piece, as it’s something I (and I’m sure the rest of us) can all relate to.
    The only glaring issues with this piece were minor grammatical and spelling ones- that can be easily taken care of with thorough editing for the next time. One stylistic thing I would change is simply that you referred to cities in particular when talking about India and America, however you only said the name of countries when talking about Europe. It’s a very minor oversight, but it could establish better structure within the writing.
    As always, though, I enjoyed reading what you had to say. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I can only see you continuing to grow as a writer.

    Your classmate, friend, and brother,

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