Live Life Differently

Live Life Differently

            I believe that one day; every individual in this beautiful world will be able to live life to the fullest. J Cole once said, “We live in the system, everybody would do anything for the money.” A person’s precious time isn’t worth 10, 15 or even 20 dollars an hour. 47% of Canadians that were surveyed said that they didn’t like their job. Life isn’t meant to wake up, work 8 hours a day, go home, and repeat every single thing you did the previous day the next day.

Most of the adults in this world live life the same way. They wake up, work, go home and spend time with their family for a few hours, and go to sleep. The reason this is done because people like to keep the status quo. They don’t like doing things differently, because they feel like they are going to fail, they stay in their safe little bubble, and continue on like most of the individuals. But that other small percentage, which didn’t follow life like the average adult, did something, something very important. They didn’t maintain the status quo. They hustled their way to have a name for themselves. And in most cases, they failed once, twice, three times. The only difference between them and the average individual is that an average individual would quit after a couples of tries. But motivated people never give up. Even though they might have taken 1 step back and fell, they get up, and take 2 steps forward. They work and work, until they succeed, until they have a name for themselves. Until they want to become who they really want to be. One quote that I read, that really changed my viewpoint on life was, “Don’t work to make somebody else more rich, work to make yourself rich.

I believe that life is more than working. Life is doing things you want to do, live life how you want to live it, life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to gain experiences, to do things that the average person wouldn’t normally do. Don’t follow the system. Don’t do things that most of the world does. The reason that rich people are rich is because they thought of things, things that the average human wouldn’t think of. Things that only open minded people would think of. Believe in yourself.


Link to J Cole speaking the truth.


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4 thoughts on “Live Life Differently

  1. Dear Amarinder,
    I really liked reading your topic on this I believe, because this is a topic everyone avoids. I like the way you are able to use everyday problems to relate to this topic, how everyone lives their life the same and do the same thing everyday. The J cole quote in my opinion fit really well into your writing, which made it flow so well. Your writing in this topic was very intriguing wanting the reader to want to read more, just because of how everyone can relate to a topic like this.

    After reading their are little key things I would ask you to work on. The first thing is to try to use more descriptive words, to make your sentences more solid. Another thing I realized was you put your video at the end without summary, if you would have connected the video to your writing, with two sentences that would have been better.

    Apart from that you had a solid piece of writing, which affects everyone in society right now, I cant wait to work with you more in writing this year,

  2. Dear Amarinder,

    I quite enjoyed reading this piece. On a topic I’ve myself considered in length, you were still able to provide meaningful insight. So firstly, I must thank you.

    You presented a worry we all have in a way that is approachable and not heavy. It would’ve been easy to focus on the negatives (what made people fall short from being exceptional) but instead you spoke on the positives (what we can do to be exceptional as well.) That positivity is a direct reflection of yourself, and it shows authenticity in this piece. Which is especially prudent considering this piece was about your personal beliefs, after all.

    Much like Mayowa, one thing that I would suggest to work on for next time is word choice. For example, I noticed you used the words “average individual” or “average person” quite generously in your piece. Doing this does not detract from the overall meaning or anything, it would just take your writing to another level if you were able to spruce things up. As well, it would provide the reader with a deeper understanding of what an “average individual” really means if you could describe it in different ways.
    Additionally, I would suggest you watch out for redundancies in your writing. For example: ” and repeat every single thing you did the previous day the next day.” Providing superfluous information just repeats what you’ve already told the reader, and makes the writing seem clunky. To fix this, just consider what it really is you’re trying to say, which in this sentence could’ve been “do the same thing everyday”.

    I hope you can put this into practice this semester, and keep working and working to make your writing even better!

    Always a pleasure,

  3. Thanks Murtaza and Mayowa from the comments!

    Murtaza, I really appreciate how you talked about how my piece was written in a way that was approachable, but not so heavy. It made me feel that people could read it and not feel offended by what I wrote. Also, thank you for telling me to watch out for redundancies. I know I need to fix that. I sometimes don’t think about what I’m going to write and say something random that doesn’t even make sense to me.

    Mayowa, I appreciate how you addressed the J Cole comment and said that it flowed in my piece very well. It made me feel that I picked the right text to branch my writing. I would also like to appreciate how you said my writing was very intriguing. I was trying to write in a way which would make people understand the truth.

    Thanks again guys!

  4. Dear Amarinder,

    This was a piece that I found quite influential for which I thank you. I say this because your piece had somewhat of a philosophical tone to it which created a learning environment for me, as the reader. This is a good thing because it causes the reader to want to read more and to gain more from your piece. Having this knowledgeable perspective present throughout your piece also allowed for a sense of maturity to be developed which I found quite unique and clever.

    Something I would encourage you to work on are your connections throughout your writing. The reason being that I found your beginning and end to be based in the same topic but the middle of your piece slightly shifted in terms of your idea. You could potentially solve this by splitting your middle paragraph into multiple paragraphs focussed on one idea that all connect to your topic and general message. I believe that once you are able to connect your entire piece it will make your writing even stronger.

    I hope you are able to use my suggestions in your future pieces and I look forward to reading more of your writing throughout this course.


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