Unanswered Questions

The Holocaust. Something we’ve been learning in school ever since middle school. The Holocaust. The biggest Genocide in the world killing 80 % of all Jews in Nazi controlled Europe. The Holocaust. Hearing about innocent people getting their hard lives thrown away like throwing a rock into water, and watching it disappear. Hearing about babies being used as targets and getting shot and killed in front of their families. A crazy thing to hear, and even crazier if you sit down and think about it.

Many things happened that was very questionable during the Holocaust. It took place from 1941 to 1945 and an estimated 6 million to 11 million Jews were killed during that time. The reason they were killed was because they were said to be the cause of Germany losing WWI. How this happened was the president of Germany at that time (which was Hitler), verbally brainwashed everyone into thinking that the Jews were the ones to blame cause all of them were “spies”. There was no proper evidence to back this up, and ultimately, this was said in such a stressful time that everyone who was affected by the war just needed somebody to point fingers at. But that shouldn’t have been like that. Whole families were killed because of this. Germans who tried protecting Jews were sent to concentration camps or killed because of it. If somebody didn’t agree with somebody else’s ideology that was a higher up, they were sent to a concentration camp, but most likely killed.

Didn’t anybody feel bad for this? Didn’t the Nazi officers realize what they were doing to a human life, a life that was somebodies life, a life that was a mom, dad, brother? Or they just wanted to kill because they liked doing it? Couldn’t other armies try and stop this from happening. Well some of them did but everyone was so scared to talk about it that nobody really knew what was happening in Nazi Europe. The Nazi SS officers also killed many children. Didn’t they think about the children? Didn’t they see their own kids in their eyes when they were killing innocent lives that didn’t even understand what the meaning of life was? Sometimes I thought that the people that followed Hitler’s ideologies were evil. They were just blindly killing everyone that didn’t listen to them. Maybe they had too much power in their hands.

Hearing about this in contemporary society is just unimaginable. But due to new leaders in first world countries, this is slowly starting to become a reality. The young generation, collectively, has to raise awareness about this issue. We can’t afford to experience this again. We can’t afford to have innocent lives being taken away without such a cause. Sadly, this is happening in other parts of the world, but it can’t happen this close to home. We all have to work together to influence individuals to realize that this wrongdoing is not right. We have to realize that we all are the same on the inside. We are one.

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5 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions

  1. Amarinder,

    This was a very intriguing read that has the reader ask some of the harder questions about humanity and the many tragedies of our past. The constant stream of questions helps get the reader thinking about topics and ideas that they may not have thought about on their own and this helps individuals elevate their understanding. I also really liked the style that you implemented into this piece. The questions help give us a look into your thoughts on this historical event and the repetition of Holocaust in the first paragraph helped emphasize the scale and importance of the events you described.

    If there was something I could suggestion for improving it would be to make it a little longer and go into more depth about your thoughts. You did well to implement your ideas and opinions into this piece but having an extra paragraph to go into extra detail would not only give readers a clearer image of you, but help them relate to your way of thinking as well.

    Overall, this piece left quite an impact despite the short length; it forced readers to really think about the morality of the events and why they may have transpired. I look forward to your future pieces and how you open up more in your writing.


  2. Spencer,

    Thank you for reading my piece. In all of my writing, I tend to cut it short because in most cases, I run out of ideas. I do realize that, and I will do whatever I can to fix it. I would also thank you for realizing that I emphasized the word “Holocaust” to convey a deeper message. I learned that from other students blogs. thank you again!


  3. Dear Amarinder,

    Thank you for sharing your passionate ideas and your reaction to these extreme issue. What I really liked about your piece and what stood out to me was the continuous questioning near the end. Questioning the reader and all of society gives your piece a lot of power and causes the reader to reflect much more deeply on the issue. I really liked how you were able to question not just one person but the whole world. What I also liked was the small summary of the WWII in the beginning. This gives the reader information on your topic without immediately being filled with emotion and passion. This allowed you to slowly build emotion into your piece and make it stronger as you went without being too overpowering.

    Something I would suggest for you to work on is your topic sentences and how you introduce new ideas. Instead of getting right into the detail, have a slight outline of your thoughts and what that paragraph will be about. This way your piece is more organized and flows better.

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your piece and hope to read more of your work soon.


  4. Bhawan,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. Thank you for saying my piece is powerful and how it slowly builds emotion. I realize that I need to have my ideas flow better, I’ve been slowly working on it and hopefully it gets better in future blogs.



  5. Dear Amarinder,

    This was a very detailed read, after going through a few of your reads and then coming by this one I realize issues that bring out emotions for individuals are really what you like to write about. My favourite part of this piece is when towards the end you have a series of questions for the readers, this really involves us readers into your writing and this is a very good literature techniques. It makes sure readers do not get bored and creates an interaction between reader and writer.

    The two small things I would say need a little more work is your organization and the way you put all your ideas together. In some part you put too small amount of details and in some places you put more than needed, its something small but will make your writing excellent. In some places the way you introduced your ideas were excellent but in others it seemed rushed and neede a little more descriptive words in it.

    As I read through your blog I see how good of a writer you have become, keep it up and it will lead to greater success

    Mayowa David

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