The Hardest things to Face

An average teenager may have many things that they don’t like to deal with because it creates some emotions. Some of which may be; not getting accepted into a post-secondary institution, getting their phone taken away, breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or even something small like not allowed going out on a Friday night. Although I’ve experienced almost all of the things I’ve stated, there is one thing I haven’t experienced to the extreme. And that thing is having a loved one pass away.

Till this day, I haven’t experienced the loss of someone that is my immediate family. I’ve experienced the loss of a dad’s friend, my grandfather’s cousin, a few of my pets, but nobody that I was very close with. Some of my friends have had their loved ones pass away, and I’ve stayed with them through their period of mourning. And I don’t like how it feels. Even though I didn’t really have a personal connection with their loved one, I get very emotional because one day, I’ll have to experience what they have been going through. Although I’ve gone to only two funerals, both times I’ve teared up. And they were because of the eulogy.

The eulogy is a very sad thing to listen to. A loved one talks about the person that has passed away, talks about what kind of a person they were, how they acted in society, how they were loving, how they cared for everyone. It was basically the last few words about a lost one before they were cremated or buried. The eulogy is something that greatly connects to me. One day, I’ll have to recite a eulogy about someone important, without screaming and crying, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. I would get too emotional and, and just keep saying to myself, “They’re really gone, they aren’t going to be there for me for the rest of my life.” The emotions would be so strong that I wouldn’t be able to put my feelings into words. I think the only thing I would be able to do would be to make a slideshow of their pictures, because then, I would be alone and I wouldn’t have to show my emotions to anyone but myself.

Death is something very hard to talk about. And hopefully, I don’t have to experience it anytime soon. But one day, everybody is going to experience it. Because in life, nobody gets out alive.

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3 thoughts on “The Hardest things to Face

  1. Dear Amarinder,

    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and deep piece. I understand that it sometimes is hard to share such personal thoughts but doing so has let you share your thinking and emotion in such a unique way that I truly find amazing. What I really liked about this piece is how honest you were. Getting straight to the point and being so ‘real’ allowed you to create this connection with me as the reader which I find very valuable. It also made your writing very impactful as it was truthful and to the point, also causing your post to be very concise.

    Something that I believe that you can work on is your detail. You have a lot of good ideas and if you were to expand them more, they would make an even greater impact. I did mention how it was good to be concise, but slightly expanding your ideas and adding more detail will let the piece be ever more relatable and thoughtful, which is also very important, especially when it comes to emotional pieces.

    Thank you once again for sharing such a personal and honest perspective. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration.


  2. Dearest Amarinder,
    A thoughtful piece showing your empathetic heart. Bravo. I’m impressed by your choice of topic as this type of thinking helps expand your perspective, maturity, and understanding of the human condition. I’d like to see more detail and specificity. Print out one of your blogs to come in a lunch for specific feedback for GUMPS and style improvements. Overall – great piece.

  3. Dear Amarinder,
    After reading this it makes me think that what actually are the real problems in life. As being a close friend and a classmate I can tell you are an individual who isn’t scarred to express their emotions, and this piece really brings it out in you. I like how you really went in depth in this piece which allowed me to feel what you were feeling. What I really like about this piece is your honesty and how you truly told us about your life and your experiences and things you haven’t yet experienced.

    Something ill ask you to work on is the amount of detail you had, it is such an intriguing blog but I believe it was cut too short. With a little more detail this would be an even more excellent piece. With more detail, youll express more of your thoughts and fully express those emotions surpressed in you.

    Hopefully my comments and considerations were able to benefit you, and help you can’t wait to read more of your work.

    Mayowa David

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