A Field. My Field

A field. Where crops grow to sustain a society. Where the beauty of nature is seen through progress. A field. Where children laugh and play. The perfect setting for innocence. A field. Where the rays of the sun hit all corners of the plane. Where happiness and peace run hand in hand through beautiful flowers. A […]


She wondered.   As a child she wondered why there were so few of her people left in their country. Her mother, eyes full of sorrow, had told her of the War, the violence, the slaughter. She told of how their country’s greatest ally had turned on their small, peaceful nation. She told of how […]

My Beautiful Adela

My Beautiful Adela, I pray you will never see the horrors that I have seen I pray that you will never know what I know. I pray that you will never experience what I have experienced. Adela, the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of coming home to you and the boys. How […]

The genocides

For my personal response I chose to reflect my ideas and opinions about how I feel about the genocides we have learnt in class. What is a genocide? The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation, I prefer to call it a massacre, crimes against […]

Real Introductions

Introductions are odd. Somehow, in a few simple words and fragments, I am supposed to summarize my entire identity and who I am. How am I supposed to manage to fit seventeen years of experience into merely seventeen words?   Who am I? I could start off by saying: Hello, my name is… I am […]

If only

A pain that has no cure Doctors prescribe medications Psychologists try to listen Parents ask what’s wrong Friends make you laugh And at the end, all I feel is this pain A pain that has no definition Words mean nothing Actions speak nothing Dictionaries explain nothing They know nothing And at the end, all I […]