The Fire Within

I believe in dedication.

I believe in determination.

Above all else, I believe in ambition – the desire to run a second faster, to jump an inch higher, to reach my goals with determination and passion, fuelling my inner motivation to achieve above and beyond. Such ambitions can only be achieved with combined efforts of dedication, determination and an inner motivation.


Everything starts with ambition. It helps provide clarity, without which it is hard to determine what we want to do and who we want to be.

Ambition helps break through to another level, challenging us to think bigger, powering us towards excellence.


Ambition is not a blind or an unrealistic belief, but a true, pure, fiery aspiration, exemplified by individuals who attempt to best themselves, rather than others.

Ambition is a fire. It is an inner strength, a strong desire.

It is the flame within every parent that motivates them to protect their children, helping them to be the best they can.

Within every child, it is a spark in their eyes that makes them want to be just as the heroes they see.

Ambition is an inferno that wins championships, breaks records, and pushes the motivated past their conceived limits, allowing them to discover their true, limitless potential.


Ambition alone can create change.

Ambition is the fire that burns:

Within the spirit of every feminist seeking universal equality.

Within the actions of every activist standing up for their beliefs, with the hope of making a difference.

Within the words of the victims of every assault and rape who share their stories, aiming for their misfortune to be the last in the world.

Within the hearts of every soldier fighting for their country, for their husbands, wives, and children.

Within the memories of every Holocaust survivor retelling their story, hoping, pleading, praying that the rest of the world does not stand silent ever again.


Ambition is many different things to many different people.

To me, however, ambition is a second chance.  It is the power behind any kind of progress and change; ambition is an aspiration to achieve success.

I believe in ambition because it reinvigorates me with life and hope when I am drained.

It helps me focus on my future, rather than my past; on my successes than my failures; allowing me to drive forward and to never look back.

It is the reason I wake every morning. Because I believe I can better myself with every second of life, and when I die, die a perfect man.

To me ambition is a vision to reach my goals, an energy to power me to achieve my aspirations, and it is the mind that allows me to dream of my future.

Through the many challenges I have faced over the years, I have consistently rebounded with determination and passion to exceed my conceived potential. Academically, I have always strived to be the best. Regardless of the subject, course or content, I put all my effort and motivate myself to evolve more effective habits that will lead to my success. Athletically, I have been driven to believe our limits are only a figment of our fears. Through enough practice and hard work anyone can grow and exceed what they thought possible.

A limit is defined as the maximum a person as previously reached, but with passion, dedication, determination and a fiery ambition we can burn away those hypothetical barriers and scorch our trail through life, discovering our limitless potential


Ambition is my fire.

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2 thoughts on “The Fire Within

  1. Dear Madhav,

    As I was reading this piece, I couldn’t help but hear your voice in my head! This post truly encompasses who you are, and you hit the purpose of this assignment extremely well. Anyone who knows you would agree that you are epitome of ambition, and that all of your claims are honest. The title of this blog was entrancing, and your continued use of the fire metaphor pulled this piece together. I also liked how you connected your ideas to so many different people, ranging from feminists to soldiers. Your ideas truly are universal, and a lot of people can resonate with your topic–me included.

    To improve, I would suggest fixing your spacing (minor but effective)! You seem to have skipped 2 lines occasionally, and I originally thought that that was a stylistic choice, but I think it may have been a mistake! Secondly, I love how you used words like “fiery,” “inferno,” “burn,” and “spark,” in the beginning of your piece to tie into your title, however, you seem to have dropped that after the first half. I think that the continued use of those fire-related words would have made this blog just that much better. And lastly, to make it a bit more personal, I would suggest using an anecdote or two! You speak about yourself generally, but was there ever a specific time where this fire really showed? Telling your audience about your personal experiences captivates them, and allows for more depth in your writing.

    Overall, it was an absolute pleasure to read this blog! You really did speak from your heart. If you found this helpful and ever want my feedback before you post in the future, send it over! I’d love to read your future writings.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Hey Riya,
      Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and share such valuable feedback! Originally I intended the spacing to create a dramatic tone to the piece but looking back on it I agree that I may have overused it and it might have become a bit confusing! Finally I definitely agree that this post would benefit with me adding a personal touch to it. Thanks for highlighting this!
      Again, thank you for reading my post! It pleases me to know that such an amazing writer as yourself enjoyed my piece and I will definitely use all your amazing feedback to improve my future posts!

      Your Friend,

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