Rationality in Inaction

The following was written in response to a time of inaction in my own life. Much like Hamlet, I toiled over which course of action would be right – only, I was able to come to a decision in time. The following is an attempt to rationalize that period of ambivalence.


Inaction is not cowardice, inaction is consideration


During times of inaction, there is a line at what can be done, and another at what should be done. Though most important is the space between.

The space between is called growth. Growth, that gets you from where you are, to where you should be. Gradual growth all throughout life is what changes us from who we are at birth into who we are in the grave. It’s a fundamental part of the human experience.



Inaction is not cowardice, it is consideration. When ambivalence overpowers your ability to act, don’t consider it a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Find strength in your rationality. Those that are quick to act are often the ones making the most mistakes.


If in that moment, I stood as Hamlet – they were Fortinbras in the collective.


The only reason my inaction was elicited was due to the reckless actions of others. Headstrong, and without considering the consequences, they jeopardized the safety of myself and some others. Had they practiced consideration the situation would never have arisen. Now, as consequence, they live in constant inaction – for acting brashly again can result in severe punishment for the lot of them.


Only after careful consideration was I able to take the course of action that was best for everyone around me. The mature choice.


I hope one day those reckless kids are able to grow and carry themselves with more maturity – lest they one day encounter someone who is less rational.

I hope one day those kids are able to grow.

I forgive you for what you’ve done, but please be better next time.




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