From the Ground to the Sky

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground.

The ones who carefully pack their guns,

spike their land and wait for orders to shoot,

they are the robots-the puppets to the evil men.

With their humanity destroyed,

The only thing they have left is blood.

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground.

Of all the times I dared to be ungrateful for where I am,

I recall that there are kids who are my age-

and much younger,

who are caught between wars, rumors of wars

and poverty

I can’t help but think about the unfairness of the world

And if I had the money and power of a thousand men,

I would come to their rescue,

That is true.

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground.


Men, women, children, and the elderly-

have their lives taken from them.

All this to please who?


Man can never be satisfied.

Their thirst for power is never quenched.

That’s how it is.

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground.

Crying does no good.

The kids are weeping and wailing,

but to the oppressor,

They sound like alarms to kill.

I do not know where this loathsome spirit came from.

The blood of true innocence is crying from the ground.

The point is,

A genocide is more than murder and massacre.

It is driven by hate



All from the oppressor.

And the ones who pay,

who don’t even owe anything,

are on the ground.

My main idea for this poetic outline is to emphasize the pain and the truth behind genocides. A lot of people mistake these terrible events for those of religion when really they are not. A true Christian’s mission is not to murder or take the lives of the innocent away. The mission of a true Muslim is not to shoot mindlessly at those who do not share the same beliefs. The true heart of a Jew does not contain hate for all other religions. Sikhism does not require the peril of others in order to function as a religion. Religion was made for the people not the people made for religion. The truth behind a genocide is the fact that some men’s views are fogged by the authoritarian attitude of their leader and do not think twice before shooting. The children who are used as the bullet shields are the ones who we cry for for about two days and then we go on and insult the evil men instead of saving the poor souls. These kids should be going to school, kissing their parents and having gossip sessions with their friends, however, they do not live to see any of these days. We live so comfortably and we dare to complain about not having enough water in a cup when children who are much younger than us have to walk miles upon miles, in mine fields, in order to find salted water. We need to count our blessings and remain grateful for all we have because one day, a strange soldier could be the reason we could end up like one of those war victims.

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2 thoughts on “From the Ground to the Sky

  1. Dear Dorlie,
    I am absolutely in love with this piece. The style you used to portray the pain of your thoughts about genocides is breathtaking and respectable. Every word your wrote intelligently added to your message and the idea of using the first and last words of every stanza is incredibly unique.

    Although this piece is perfection, one thing I would change would be adding more pictures throughout the piece to emphasize the hardships of the genocides.

    Thank you for sharing this beautifully written piece with us. Your final paragraph is very empowering as it contradicts the ignorant by spewing a message of acceptance. I look forward to reading the rest of your work.


    1. Sidra,

      Hearing such kind and beautiful words from you really mean a lot to me! Thank you so much for your feedback, I’ll definitely use it to strengthen any other similar pieces. And I am beyond grateful that you found so many great words of encouragement in my piece.


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