To what extent is our road to justice justified

Madness is a theme we see a lot in the Play Hamlet by Shakespeare. Hamlets race to justice for his fathers murder had led to him falling into a sunken state, which allowed him to exploit his actions without any consequences or regrets. How far can our actions be justified, when in search for justice.

All because Hamlet was the only character who knew the true story of the kings death, he believed only he was the only one right enough to seek justice for him. by seeking for justice he also slowly fell into his own madness, and left behind a lot of pain and sorrow in his trail. We clearly see this in the scene when Hamlet is talking with his mother and then stabs polonius. The stabbing wasn’t even the most significant part of the scene but what came after, Hamlets reaction. He said it was basically polinus fault for being at the wrong place in the wrong time. Usually when you kill the father of your love you would feel more compassion than that but instead he believes him killing polinus was justified because he thought it was cladius. His aactions against his mother in this scene were too harsh that the Kings ghost had to come to remind him of who the real enemy was, and he should treat his mother better with more love and care for she isn’t the enemy.

It is hard for me to say I have been through something as severe as this, for that would be a lie but in society we can see incidents like these. In crimes we see situations like this. Where if a member of one gang was killed by another gang, they go seek justice and kill the one responsible for it. When this happens neither of the gangs care about who gets hurt in the process, innocent bystanders get killed all the time. Individuals go through extremes just to seek justice for their friends, but also slowly makes them lose what makes them humans.

An individuals quest to honour and certainty, could lead one to do things out of their moral. As we see hamlet in the play hamlet by Shakespeare, throughout his life after his fathers death he had no purpose in life and never feared death, but when the ghost appeared to him and asked for him to avenge him he saw it as a chance to regain his honor and certainty, he believed because of this his actions were justified but ill leave it to the public to answer that.


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