I, Embeth Davidtz

Embeth Davidtz changed her name to a German name, Helen Hirsch. Helen Hirsch, a name in which she sought protection and life. Left in the hands of a cruel man with the name of Amon Goeth. She was caught in a love that she could not reciprocate.   “My first day here, he beat me […]

Real Introductions

Introductions are odd. Somehow, in a few simple words and fragments, I am supposed to summarize my entire identity and who I am. How am I supposed to manage to fit seventeen years of experience into merely seventeen words?   Who am I? I could start off by saying: Hello, my name is… I am […]

If only

A pain that has no cure Doctors prescribe medications Psychologists try to listen Parents ask what’s wrong Friends make you laugh And at the end, all I feel is this pain A pain that has no definition Words mean nothing Actions speak nothing Dictionaries explain nothing They know nothing And at the end, all I […]

What is happiness

Everyone’s goal in life has and always will be the pursuit of happiness. The reason individuals do anything or pursue any self interest, is to enable themselves to gain a sense of happiness. what is happiness is a question a lot ask, but never find the answer to. Today happiness is observed in various ways. […]

Are we all coins?

Look around your house, check your pockets, even check in the couch and find yourself a coin. Now find a different coin, lay both coins flat and try to find what is similar between the two coins. It’s not the material or the symbols or the years. Look. Flip. Look. Flip. Every time you look […]

This I Believe: Words Hurt

        Words can make an individual happy or sad. Encouraging and positive words lift a person’s mood. Discouraging and negative words depress a person’s mood. It seems that it is human nature to remember the hurtful words more than the positive words. Words of happiness are great because they give people joy, […]

to Believe is to Be alive.

I believe in rapid heartbeats.  The waves of red flushing across my skin. Warm. Deafening. Enticing. To feel love in such magnitude that emotions become words.  And words become tastes. Tastes explode into a thousand flavours.  And flavours…? Well- Flavours are indulged for the sighs and smiles that illuminate from the heart and mind. To believe in love […]