To – – – by Edgar Allan Poe

My group chose Edgar Allan Poe as our poet for the poetry seminar project and we decided to discuss To —. This poem was all about enlightenment. It is about an individual who went from thinking of himself very highly to realizing  their are things out there at a higher position them him. The individual has realized that the power and intelligence of these creatures are much more than what the human brain is capable of and that no human can be able to grasp this knowledge.

The individual finally gives in and realizes that this power and wisdom overcomes him and that he is just a simple human being. This universe is filled with the unknown; many of which the human can not see nor comprehend. He realizes that the powers of the unknown is something a human can think of but not fully grasp.

As humans we try to make a meaning out of everything, but we can not. The human mind is not capable of understanding every small detail of the universe. The unknown has always shown us the powers of its’ superiority. Many individuals believe that they are superior because they do not open up to see that their is always something that can make you inferior. Some believe that god is superior and that everything around us is by the power of god, but some just like to put it as the unknown because they have not seen or have heard god. Some believe that the unknown is just ideas made up in our own powerful minds. But to me we are merely a small spec of a population in this universe and what surrounds us is the superior.

The human mind creates blocks like ego which causes humans to infer that “I” am everything. It causes us to block out knew knowledge or perspectives. The human mind is very complex so how can we be the superior when we don’t fully understand ourselves. If we can not understand the human capabilities how will we be able to understand the capabilities of the unknown. In order for the individual to realize that he is inferior, he must experience a little bit of the unknown, only then will the individual be capable of understanding the idea of enlightenment and accepting the fact there is much to learn about not just when it comes to this world, but the whole universe.

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