This I Believe: Words Hurt

        Words can make an individual happy or sad. Encouraging and positive words lift a person’s mood. Discouraging and negative words depress a person’s mood. It seems that it is human nature to remember the hurtful words more than the positive words.

Words of happiness are great because they give people joy, but eventually people forget these words. The words that last the longest are the words that hurt. We do not focus or really think much about the positive words but mostly what we are weak at. Our weaknesses get to us and when people tell you about your weaknesses or remind you of them, it truly hits you. Those words stay and the little compliments vanish in seconds.


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Words that hurt are like an arrow that is released from a cross bow.  Once released it can not be recalled, and it strikes leaving a mark. One can apologize for their hurtful words, and receive forgiveness, but the hurtful words leave a little scar in the heart and mind of the recipient. Saying sorry for harsh words  is the same as taking a nail out of the wood,but the hole or scar remains.

That is why we should think twice before we speak “the hurtful words.” It is easy to speak the words, but what kind of impact does our words have on another is what we should think of before speaking.

        Are the words that we speak going to hurt the other person?

        Are our words a form of bullying for the other person?

        Are our words racist, sexist,demeaning to the other person?

Wrong words can be cause of chaos, hurt, misery and depression. Wrong words can cause war between countries or develop animosity. Parliamentarians have to watch their words don’t hurt the public. Parents and children have to take care that their words do not hurt each other. Negative words don’t just hurt one person but can also destroy relationship between 2 people, families, groups of people,cultures, religion and countries.  Our words may not leave a visible scar like a stab wound or gun shot, but it definitely leaves an invisible scar on our soles.

       We always hear “ life is too short,” so why not spend it spreading kind words. Maybe if we just took a second to think if someone said those words to me, what would I feel? It would help to not speak words that hurt a person’s sole.

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4 thoughts on “This I Believe: Words Hurt

  1. Dear Manisha,
    While reading this piece, I was very intrigued with the way you used an arrow to symbolize the pain caused by words. It was a very insightful simile and it truly emphasized the pain caused by words.
    One thing I would suggest for improvement would be relating the topic more to your personal life and less towards your audience. As much as I enjoyed considering changes I could make to my own life, I would have liked to hear more about why this topic was important to you and why it was that you wrote about this. Personalizing this post could make it even more amazing then it already is.
    Overall, it was a great blog. After reading it, I couldn’t help but spend a couple of hours reflecting over my choice in words when talking to other people. It’s a great lesson to learn and to teach. Good job!

  2. Dear Manisha,
    I really liked your message in this post and I appreciate that you feel so strongly about the possible effect words can have on an individual long term. I think it is an important topic, and with pink shirt day just passing, a very relevant one as well. It is always important to remind people that words have the opportunity to hurt people, even if that was not the original intention. Your simile was very well thought out and made a lot of sense, and was overall very helpful in reinforcing your message to the reader. It really resonated with me when you said that an apology is like pulling a nail out of a board; the hole will still be there, the damage is already done.

    One suggestion I would bring up for next time is the overall planning and organization of the piece, and with just a few more minutes composing your thoughts, it could make your argument even that much more meaningful. I agree with Sidra in that leaving a personal touch on how this has effected you in your life could make this piece even more memorable for everyone who reads it.

    Overall, I really appreciate that you wrote about such and important topic in our society, and you did a great job making it meaningful to everyone who gets the opportunity to see it.


    1. Thank you for the feedback Sunena. I struggle with organizing my ideas and i will make sure that next time i write it will flow better.

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