Graduation and beginning of a new adventure

Schools almost over one more month before graduation.

The nerves begin to rise, students become anxious about what their plans are after high school. Do I go to university or, stay home and pursue a dream against what my parents had planned for me. All the friends you had in high school this may be the last time you ever see them again, the nerves and anxiety begin to rise. I’m going to be living on my own next year in residence outside Calgary, I know the responsibilities that come with it but also the good that also comes out of it. All these thoughts are what goes through a grade 12 students mind towards the end of highschool. Our mind dosen’t think straight there is too much going on in our life this is one of the early stages and steps of adulthood.

Why do we say we graduate from high school just to go to school again. At such early stages in life where we need to experience the true meanings of life, we drown ourselves in debt just to go to school and fit the moral code of society. Society is built in such a way where it is rare to be successful in the eyes of others if you do not follow the path they have paved for you. Spend first half of our life in school, and debt, the second half we are stressed and looking for jobs to ensure we have a good quality of life and are able to pay back all those debts we have from school. although school is very important don’t get me wrong, there also several other ways to be enlightened and gain knowledge. Most of what we learn in School doesn’t really prepare you for all, for example mortgages, taxes, investments and so much more.  When we don’t learn more about those we see lots of graduates making bad economic decisions because they are not properly taught. there are a lot of billioniares who didn’t even finish High school but are still successful, because they made their mind up on what they wanted and reached for it without caring about the judgements of others.

I am no trying to encourage us not to go to school but instead ask for change on how our educational system is set up, because a lot of students drown in their debts before their in their 20s.

Make education cheaper and teach the essentials for us to survive in society first then we can focus on other subjects.




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One thought on “Graduation and beginning of a new adventure

  1. Mayowa,

    I can’t believe we are almost a week away from graduation!

    You have such a unique perspective on the education system and I actually couldn’t agree more. The education system in place right now is flawed and I do not think it is the best for our needs. You are right that we need to make it more affordable and you are even more in correct in establishing the idea that educational institutions should teach life essentials. Have you read some of the spoken words about modern day schooling?

    With graduation nearing I myself have had some of these notions too, what is it that I am going to do with my life after. Personally I do believe that I will have to attend a University to secure a future in these competitive times. Do you plan on pursuing education?

    One suggestion I have is that you write more! You have such intellectual ideas to share with everyone I hope that you can expand on your ideas.


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