to Believe is to Be alive.

I believe in rapid heartbeats.  The waves of red flushing across my skin.




To feel love in such magnitude that emotions become words.  And words become tastes. Tastes explode into a thousand flavours.  And flavours…? Well-

Flavours are indulged for the sighs and smiles that illuminate from the heart and mind.

To believe in love is to believe in spontaneity. It’s the unexpected yet welcomed hugs from a loved one. It’s the sudden fear of the unknown almost instantly being erased by comfort. The buzz given off from change. I live off the charges around me; breathing in my environment in order to live. To live is to walk. To walk is to run. To run is to escape. To escape is to dance.  To dance is to breathe.

To dance is to physically bring forth the feeling of Love.

To dance: is to be undeniable.

It’s a flawless idea blooming into a flawed reality.  Bringing only the beauty of being concrete as well as the thrill of not holding anything back.

Because the fire that is continuously growing and burrowing inside the nerves and organs of my home are constantly oxygenated by being raw. Enlightening my universe with a little more light then yesterday.  For I have realized that I cannot breathe if I cannot feel.  I believe that the universe was created so nothing could have something.  The sudden explosion giving birth to worlds upon worlds, filling the void of nothing with specks of something.  Maybe people were created so they could try to embody the need for something.  The story of creation has many versions to it- but they all have the same foundation.

It is the unplanned story of life: so all of us can breathe knowing there are some thing(s).

My organs are the suns, stars and planets: they are the very essence of my existence. Allowing me to gain and experience the spectrum of feelings which sometimes do not fit the word they are given.

My nerves are the meteor showers waiting to be launched: they are the reason I can sigh heavenly or drop to the ground instantly.  They are beautiful from a far but being close can be quite dangerous.  You can almost never predict when a meteor may appear in the sky above.

I had been making myself small for others without realizing it.  I have realized


..that I am a universe within myself.  Galaxies and light that had gone unnamed for the better part of my life.  Names of cruelty and hate that have had an impact from the places I had claimed to love.  Places like soccer, school, and my mind were filled with the negativity that had sprouted a lesser version of me.  Making myself small had hurt, but it had also brought out my love for being real;

For my Something is

A  love that is more than just love.  She does not sing into my ear but instead she laughs.  She does not wait for the weather to become sunnier but instead she adapts; as if the harsh blizzards were what she had desired for in the first place.  She does not allow sadness to destroy her but instead she revels in it. She speaks of love in different languages.  One tongue can never truly describe the magic of devotion she has towards feeling everything.

She is me and I am her.

I am constantly changing myself. Channelling any rhythm that fits and propels me to stay afloat in harsh waters.  And the one thing that I have realized through my circumstances is that it’s because of  my weaknesses and strengths, that the passion I have for life comes from one simple statement: Love will forever be my religion.


I believe in the power of the love vested in me.





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2 thoughts on “to Believe is to Be alive.

  1. Dear Suneet,

    Wow! Your faith in the fundamental values of love radiates from every sentence, each offering a new perspective on the essence of a unique type of love that not many people may consider to be significant- self-love. As you illustrated, it is a principle that rooted in self-realization, acceptance confidence within a person and their abilities. Throughout your piece you skillfully wove your views with creative metaphors that further exemplify your deep connection with the topic. I really connected with “My nerves are the meteor showers waiting to be launched: they are the reason I can sigh heavenly or drop to the ground instantly.” It’s shows the significance of understanding ourselves, so that we can constantly improve on our weaknesses, allowing us to always rise up rather than fall down.

    Finding any areas for improvement proved to difficult as you are such a proficient writer but I suggest adding some more personal anecdotes to strengthen your piece, to allow the reader a stronger connection with the underlying message of the piece. You began to introduce yourself into your writing near the end, but adding a specific example from your life would really strengthen you outlook. For example, was there a situation in your life where your nerves made or broke an experience for you? Also I feel that varying your sentence structure a bit more you add to the already fluent flow of your piece!

    Overall your piece highlights the universal belief of love in a different manner that I had never previously imagined. I’ve aways understood the importance of confidence in ones life but I never realized the self-confidence, in its purest form was self-love. I look forward to reading your future posts and being further enlightened by your unique perspectives!

    Yours Truly,

    1. Thank you Madhav,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and agreements for I do completely believe in the idea that self love is what confidence is made of! I do need more personal examples for I lack those in my piece and will surely add those as soon as possible!

      Thank you once again,

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