Ophelia’s Colour

I’m not sure if I am missing a ‘creative piece’, so here it is!

I found myself bare and pierced. As the last heart string broke, the knife that hung over my naked heart fell to it’s rightful place. I had found myself with only with the shallow breaths my body had allowed me to take. Eyes burned for the acknowledgement you denied me; all I needed from you was for you to just see me.

Just. Look. At. Me.

See me as I truly was: The silence between you heartbeats. For I have heard of Greek stories of Gods splitting humans into two beings because of the power one may possess. We were torn by the same hands. Our different patterns had provided structure and truth into my world- My mind had felt braided and my heart was inspired.

It is said that a heart breaking feels as if it is being shattered into a million pieces. I never felt that. When those words shot out of your heavenly lips I felt the dagger drop. But I had never suffered the gaping whole it left. I still don’t. My heart and my lungs froze over as if their walls had thickened in the matter of seconds. There was no part of me that ever believed something so divine could be so cruel. That love would whisper in my ear in such soothing tunes and I danced along, unwary of the red that stained the floor beneath me. I ripped my throat out for you and you let it be tossed and kicked around as if my birthright would silence it.

Our love was one of different shades of red. Every human lives and breathes interchangeably with the red spectrum. The passion in the air provides the thrill needed to vibrate with the same frequency as just one other individual. The love in our lungs is consumed though the labels beg for our small minds to moderate our taking. I do not wish to be your muse, your lust, your midnight thought. I wish to reign upon this Earth; declaring all land in the name of love.

However, it wasn’t until my land had been declared in loves name that the shame of surrender had set in. My red had begun to bruise into a gradual purple.  It polluted my mind, my heart, and my soul until all that was left was silence.  I was the silence between your heartbeats; the relaxation between each contraction, but my silence was all I had.  My silence sprouted and amplified until the stillness began to whisper.

Whisper. Talk. Shout. Scream-

I couldn’t become deaf to my own body.  The frost had sent shards of broken glass-like crystals to all of my vitals.  Each pierce turned my love into different shades red until there were no reds to spare.  Each fight and rebellion against the truth was a quick way to cut off heartstrings. The unbearable and unspeakable pain forced my hand to turn to a new colour.

My agony was one of different shades of blue.

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