Father Frankenstein

This monologue is inspired by the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly. This monologue is from the monster’s perspective. He speaks to his creator, Victor Frankenstein, as though his creator had still been alive and not forgiven the creature’s malicious act towards Elizabeth. Both are in Robert Walton’s ship as the creature has now been able to leap on the broken ice and approach Victor.

Monster: You. You awful man. You awful excuse of a man! You dare reject me because of my appearance but compared to your heart, my face resembles that of a precious rose. You made me therefore you are to love me but such a simple request seems to be too much of a favour to ask. Must a son beg for the love of his father? Must a son part from his father to find love? Must a father destroy his son’s only lover only to let him suffer in the end? Of course not. That is not a father, that is a devil. I’ve walked around with that label myself: “Satan”. It seems like I inherited it from you. Just like how you’ve killed my mate, I’ve killed your brother. Just like how you are so passionate to learn about life, I too built a passion to live yet somehow you’ve restricted me! When will you take responsibility, Frankenstein? Once again, must I gauge your eyes out so that you can see my beauty? You’ve already made a fool out of me, Frankenstein. Will you die so that I can be reassured that I have no reason to live?

Of course you will not. You greatly value your life. (Pause) You are not proud of me. You lack so much pride in me that you have given me no name. MONSTER! CREATURE! IT! THAT THING! My label is that of nothing! I am nothing! Have you no compassion? Or at the very least, pity? Love is essential for the life of a human and I was robbed from such a luxurious treat. Sometimes I even wonder if you made me with love or just with a burning passion. Had you made me with love, I would never find myself getting beat and spat at. This flaming passion of yours only made me suffer yet you offer me no comfort (take a breath). Do you hear that, Frankenstein? I am breathing (uses nail to cut skin). Do you see that, Frankenstein? I bleed (sniffs). Do you feel that, Frankenstein? I hold emotions. If I can successfully do things that humans can, why do you not see me as an accomplishment? Because I’m ugly? Because I’m a murder? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, FRANKENSTEIN. Love me and comfort me, Frankenstein.

If loving me is too much to ask, end me, father.

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