All’s Well That Ends Well

The following is a rant.

You are my happiness.

No, you are what makes my happiness possible. Where there is nothing, you lay the roads – happiness just happens to follow. Who wouldn’t follow such beauty?

I open a book of sonnets and cannot read the words on the pages. My eyes are blinded by a love that is far too brilliant. Two Shakespearean suns embrace, so gently that it reminds me why we wish upon the stars.

Imagine: centuries after us both, having people we’ll never meet celebrate the best things we had to say about each other… Is that what forever is like?

Let us find it.

In our efforts we saw that the path to forever is not a continuous trip. Every day is its own journey.

And in those same journeys we found – despite having every reason to work, we cannot. Despite how you fill in every piece of the world that was missing, that world cannot be. Fundamentally we are synergistic, but in practice, we fall apart.

I thought it best to protect our hearts – to lay in the familiar ruins of our efforts, time and time again.


But you thought different.

Never would I have considered to let such a tragedy be.


This whole time I sought closure in finding what that wrench in the clockwork of our forever was.

The wrench that broke me, but only enough that I could see light through the cracks.

You offered that there was closure within ourselves. You showed me it in saying this – my cracked heart

shattered. Flooded by the most emotion I’d felt in months, I was… Liberated.

No longer confined by a heart that had sworn itself to you.

Just as the day you stole it, when you broke my heart this day I couldn’t help but smile… And it seemed that you did too.


All’s Well That Ends Well. You’ve made my world Shakespearean once more.


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