I Thought That I Could Not Be Cured

This is my counter to Sylvia Plath’s poem “I Thought That I Could not be hurt” and I decided to write this piece because I didn’t like the pessimistic outlook she portrayed throughout her poem. I’m a strong believer that one can only live their life to the fullest in the presence of companions, and that always being […]

Silver Web of Happiness

The following personal response is a short story, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s “I Thought That I Could Not Be Hurt,” which explores the perplexing nature of abuse amongst loved ones. ____________________ Carelessly, I swatted the web away from the tree, then shook my hand to try to rid it of the silky, silvery string. It […]

Losing Touch, Gaining Touch

It’s 12am. Midnight. You’re too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Too occupied by the thoughts running through your head. You try to close your eyes, try to distance yourself from everything that has gone wrong. You open your eyes a little more than 40 seconds later because it’s all too loud. All of it is getting […]

Bittersweet Trifecta

Part 1- Never Shall I Forget, an emulation of Elie Wiesel   Never shall I forget that night It was the last night at the hospital It turned my nights sleepless and my days tiring   Never shall I forget that smell, the pungent odor of sanitized floors and a hospital waiting room. Never shall […]


tell me how you brush me aside like i am some insignificant phone call and no matter how many times the phone rings no matter how many times my heart calls for you you continue to embody a nonchalant nature that is remarkably admirable but nothing to indicate you miss me or that i was […]

The False Perception of a Goodbye

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi We often have a tendency to think goodbyes are concrete, that they are written in stone, and that they are, goodbye forever. By definition, “goodbye” simply […]

“Do You Believe in Love?”

Do you believe in love? My immediate response was always: yes, of course I do. I’ve never thought much of the concept. Love? How could I not believe in it? What else drives empathy, care, and humanity? How could I possibly deny the prevalence of such a powerful emotion? But when asked: love, the romantic […]

to Believe is to Be alive.

I believe in rapid heartbeats.  The waves of red flushing across my skin. Warm. Deafening. Enticing. To feel love in such magnitude that emotions become words.  And words become tastes. Tastes explode into a thousand flavours.  And flavours…? Well- Flavours are indulged for the sighs and smiles that illuminate from the heart and mind. To believe in love […]