Rationality in Inaction

The following was written in response to a time of inaction in my own life. Much like Hamlet, I toiled over which course of action would be right – only, I was able to come to a decision in time. The following is an attempt to rationalize that period of ambivalence.   Inaction is not […]

Infinite Love and Gratitude

You wanted us to practice radical presence this year. Complete, 100% involvement in the time we are in, with the people we are with, doing the things we are doing. Maybe I applied your teachings too well – because I was almost too in the moment. Whenever I walked into our space I never considered […]

Abandon Ambition (To Live A Thousand Lives)

The following was inspired after having spent much time ruminating over the implications of the poem I studied for my presentation- “Wean Yourself” by Rumi. The idea of every individual’s set of experiences leading to a different interpretation of the world meant, to me, that it was necessary to experience as much as possible. Don’t […]

Polished Critical- Losing Honour

Honour and certainty are two values that many humans seek, obtain, and lose just to begin seeking for them again. To be honourable is to be virtuous or morally sound. Having honour is to act with dignity and the loss of one’s honour is often a cause for a personal struggle, as well. Certainty is […]

Seeking Redemption

      All individuals hold a prideful nature within them. Honour is what keeps individuals from acting out of line and keeps them cooperative with society. However, when one’s honour is lost they may find that their previously secure future is now threatened by uncertainty. This uncertainty creates a sense of danger in individuals […]

Intolerance of Ignorance

    No matter the circumstance, individuals will always create ideals. They will always attempt to imagine how to improve their world and how things could be better. Ideals are the result of one’s desires as it takes all an individual has ever wanted and paints a magnificent picture that often doesn’t have any tie […]

polished essay

Prompt: what do these texts suggest about the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform? Theme statement: When an individual who is self-minded, and doesn’t comply with rules or standards, is confronted with a personal desire, one forgets the bigger picture which leads to more problems being created. Then leads to the […]

critical essay

Mayowa David Ms. Hunniset English 30-1 june 19, 2017 Honor and Certainty When an uncertain individual seeks certainty in a world where he believes honor has been disregarded, he feels angered and tired as he attempts to grasp an understanding of the oblique nature of how others scope with grief. This I shown in the […]

Polished Personal- Her Salvation

Her Salvation     The damage to Blair Whitethorn took a long time to heal. Her performing troupe moved from one village to the next, making coin, trying to forget the missing member of their group, and the scorch marks the flames had left on some of their wagons. Blair couldn’t handle the guilt, the […]

Two Weeks Left

You hear those words, you see those smiles, you know their happiness but you don’t feel it. Tears roll down your face, disappointment fills your heart, no one to blame but yourself. Time is running out, stress is crushing you, everywhere you look doors are closing. Thirteen years wasted, hundreds of hours spent anxious, two […]