Wishing Feathers

For my personal essay, I have chosen to completely transform a script I wrote in Drama 20. Since I am saving all of you readers the cringe of my old script, please feel free to critique my writing and encourage me to find new ways to develop my English writing skills. Character Descriptions: VERITY (MAGICAL […]

Madness is Beautiful

The concept of madness is deemed an idea for the wretched. Madness has a certain stigma to it where the words are almost always uttered with a negative connotation. Well what about the beauty behind the madness? What about the fact that madness is actually a trait you can be gifted with. Madness in obsession […]

“A Woman’s Battle for Honour and Certainty”

When an innocent woman has been controlled for her entire life, her ignorance to the outside world will be the factor that leads her into a rebellious frenzy to regain her honour and certainty. Without certainty, no individual would find a purpose in waking up every morning and continuing with the endless battles that life […]

Revenge is Justice. Justice is Revenge.

Justice sometimes becomes fused with revenge when difficult circumstances have entered an innocent individual’s life as they lose sight of who they are. In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, revenge is mistaken by justice as all of the main characters go on a spree to kill and seek justice as they eliminate the ones who get in […]

The New Writer of these Words

Not long ago, the writer of these lines, In the mad pride of intellectuality, Maintained “the power of words”- denied that ever A thought arose within the human brain Beyond the utterance of the human tongue: And now, as if in mockery of that boast, Two words- two foreign soft dissyllables- Italian tones, made only […]

Khaki Banda

The following is an excerpt from an Urdu song, it is accompanied by the English translation. I heard this initially on a drive to my uncles house a few months back and the words came to life as they hit my eardrums. Upon listening to it more and more, two notions came into my head. […]

Polished Critical

  Hamlet’s Honour Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator in your chosen text about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty Honour and certainty are mediums that some individuals will lead their whole lives to seek. We as humanity tend to want to uphold our own honour regardless of […]

Polished Personal

  Prompt- What do these texts suggest about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty? THEME STATEMENT- When a traditionally shy and confidence lacking individual goes about a course of action out of their comfort zone, and proceeds to take drastic; he or she will have an instinctual desire to run […]

Polished Personal: Can’t be Late

What do these texts suggest about the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform? In many people’s lives, being able to balance your way of life compared to those around you is almost impossible. This is mainly due to the extreme external forces that we all face such as social media, family, […]

Polished Personal: No Redemption

Amarinder Sidhu ELA 30-1 Amarinder Sidhu Prompt: What do these texts suggest about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honor and certainty? Theme Statement: To what extent do individuals need to prove to themselves that they have understood what they have done, and they can forgive themselves for their mistake? Text: 120Km/Hr, 1975 […]